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Member since: Thu May 11, 2017, 05:41 AM
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2nd Meeting being reported June 17th, 2016


IR.net is now reporting the possibility of a 2nd meeting.
"Trump Jr. has claimed that no damaging information was provided to the campaign at this meeting, but IR.net has discovered something disturbing — signs that potentially point to a second meeting that took place a week later on June 17, 2016, this time perhaps with an additional one or two individuals, including Irina Agalarova (mother of Emin and wife of Aras), and signs that many of these individuals next headed off to London the day prior to the historic Brexit vote. Note that Russia has been accused of trying to interfere with this referendum vote as well."

Yes, Im a Progressive and a Patriot (Bear with me...but I just love this guy)


There’s a common assertion about of those of us who occupy some space in the political or religious Left, by our critics across the aisle or the pew: We don’t love America like they do.

The contention is that we have less respect for our Government, our troops, our national security than they have; that our religious convictions are less sincere and our spiritual journeys less valid. Everything of ours is determined by them to be counterfeit by comparison.

Because of this, our resistance to the current President,
our opposition to what we deem to be the malfeasance of his Administration,
our pushback against its apparent disregard for the civil rights of marginalized communities,
our disgust at what we see as a distortion of the message of Jesus in the Church—
are all dismissed by them as evidence of our alleged rebellion against God and country.

With stunning regularity we’re chastised: our volume is always too great, our protests always improper, our tactics always inappropriate, our timing always wrong.


Can we do better than this, friends on the Right?

Can we stop pretending that a political party or religious tradition has the market cornered on national pride and earnest faith?

For just a minute—could you entertain the possibility that we care as much as you do?

There are few things less American, than insisting that for someone to be declared patriotic—he or she must be complementary of our leadership. That’s neither accurate, nor fair, nor acceptable. It’s also not something many of you consented to during a single second of Barack Obama’s eight-year tenure; when you continually proffered unrelenting attacks and incessant naysaying in the name of national loyalty and religious liberty. What for you then was bold opposition to tyranny—is now treated in our possession as corporate treason.

I’m sorry, but you don’t get to write our story for us.

We American Progressives, Liberals, and Left-leaning Moderates, love many of the things you do, as much as you do:

We love the Constitution—enough to demand that it be available to everyone and honored by everyone, especially those in our highest levels of leadership. No one is exempt from accountability or beyond critique. Not even a Republican President.

We love the men and women who serve our country—enough to insist that our leaders not be reckless or cavalier with their lives by irresponsibly inciting conflict in the world; by believing war should be our last resort, not our initial threat delivered in an impulsive, taunting, midnight Tweet.

We love the liberty we enjoy here—enough to be compassionate toward those who come here in fear and desperation; who brave all manner of hardship and loss to escape the kind of horrors we’ll never know—the kind that people don’t always have the luxury of waiting out.

We love the safety of our citizens—enough to ensure that all are protected from harm; regardless of skin color, religious affiliation, gender identity, sexual orientation, income level; whether these lives are threatened by terrorism—or by handguns, poverty, pollution, or even those entrusted with protecting them.

We love family—enough to fight for all of them; for those transcending traditional definitions, for every marriage defined by mutual love and commitment, for every home where children find protection and affection and belonging.

We love the freedoms forged into our nation from birth—of expression, religious affiliation, and personal autonomy, and we love them enough to demand that everyone has equal access to them without interference and without exception.

And we who claim faith love and treasure it, because we have reached our beliefs through the same careful, prayerful journey that yielded your own. We have studied as thoroughly, listened as intently, and walked as faithful as you have. Our spirituality means as much to us as yours does to you.


I’m over being told I don’t care about my country or that I don’t respect our Government or that I don’t love God, simply because I don’t fit comfortably within your platform or your pulpit. Having said that, protecting humanity will always supersede some ornamental national allegiance. I am primarily for people, and against bigotry, discrimination, and violence assailing them—wherever those things come from. I will oppose those injustices loudly, even if this places me in direct conflict with our President, our political leadership, or the American Church. This is what true Liberty looks like.

Friend, you can disagree with me all you want. In fact, I welcome it. You can dispute my positions and challenge my conclusions, and you can tell me you don’t like the expression of my love for this country—until Jesus comes back or FoxNews uses facts, whichever comes first.

But please don’t tell me that I don’t love this country, or that this love is somehow inferior to your own, because that simply isn’t true.

In fact, I love America—enough not to let you or anyone else decide what patriotism looks like for me.

My voice, as much and your own—is the sound of freedom ringing.

I would add my own thoughts and voice to this essay....but not going to ruin it.

Dear Offended Christian, from a very tired Christian


Dear Offended Christian,

I’m terribly sorry that your feelings are hurt again. I feel badly about that. None of us likes to be criticized, so I totally get it.

I know I’ve said some pretty hard words to you recently, and maybe I’ve been somewhat less than “cheery” in my delivery, but that happens when you’re tired.

And I am really tired:

I’m tired of hearing you telling gay people that they can’t simultaneously be both gay and Christian.

I’m tired of having to explain what “Transgender” means to adult Christian people, who I’m quite sure have Internet access and should know better by now that it isn’t “a guy in a dress”.

I’m tired of arrogant pulpit bullies who believe they’re entitled to tell people where they can pee and who they can marry and whether they really love Jesus or not.

I’m tired of you regularly dispensing damnation on the queer community, and then offering empty “thoughts and prayers” in the face of tragedy before resuming your normal schedule.

I’m tired of you being more outraged by red coffee cups and department store restrooms than by poverty and racism and gun violence and our crumbling school system.

I’m tired of LGBTQ people being accused of the kind of predatory behavior that cisgender men have been exhibiting, since the man cave was—an actual cave.

I’m tired of reminding you that the number of times Jesus condemned people for their gender identity or sexual orientation in the Gospels—is zero.

I’m tired of having to explain to people that although I am a Christian, that I’m not that type of Christian; the kind that is generous with damnation and stingy with Grace.

I’m tired of LGBTQ teens cutting their forearms and jumping off buildings because they’re told by their church friends that God hates them, because their Christian parents told them, because their Christian pastors told them.

I’m tired of followers of Jesus who don’t seem interested in cracking open a book to see what we’ve learned about the brain and the body in 2,000 years, or to realize that gender identity and sexual orientation don’t equal the word “homosexuality” in the Bible.

I’m tired of all the time I have to spend undoing the damage the Church has done to queer kids and their families.

I’m tired of religious folk who seem to want small government everywhere except the bedroom and bathroom.

I’m tired of Scientific ignorance being treated as if it’s a Christian virtue.

I’m tired of hearing professed Christians preach verbatim the gospel of Fox News.

I’m tired of high-profile pastors blaming gay people for 9/11 and Hurricane Katrina and ISIS and child obesity.

I’m tired of waiting for you to show up in this world and actually show the freakin’ love of Jesus to people the way he did and told you to, without excuses or caveats or theological tap dancing to avoid it.

I’m tired of this wasteful, fruitless, mean-spirited, unprovoked, unbiblical attack on the LGBTQ community, that is squandering so much time and life and beauty in the name of a God who is supposedly Love.

I’m tired of so many people believing that “Christian” and “bigot” are synonymous—and not disagreeing with them.

I’m tired of a Church which seems to be so ambivalent toward the teachings and example of Jesus.

I’m tired of a Christianity that is making me more and more embarrassed to be associated with it.

So I get that your feelings are hurt. I understand that you’re offended, and that’s not my intention.

But listen, if you’re going to tell a group of people that they’re going to Hell simply for existing, and you’re going to continually target those people through the Church and the Law and your social media accounts, don’t get angry with me when I tell you you’re being hateful and judgmental and ignorant.

It could be worse.

At least I’m not damning you for all eternity.


A Very Tired Christian

This guy rocks! He advocates peace, tolerance, and love towards our fellow humans. I am an atheist, but I support him because of his articles and postings which attempt to bring peace and not hate, and I believe that is important regardless of religion. If you have not heard of him, check out his site and send him some love. The RW bible thumpers have tried to destroy him....

WOW @JoyRied....she is shutting the idiots up and fact checking their poor data

Loving her....

Guess what I received in my email box today....

Joni K. Ernst <Senator@Ernst.senate.gov>
Jun 25 at 9:59 PM
Click here to open this e-mail in its own browser window Click here to open a plain text version of this email

Home | Newsroom | Helping Iowans | Contact

Good afternoon –

This week, the Senate released its draft of health care reform legislation and I am carefully looking through it.

The unfortunate reality in Iowa is that continuing the status quo simply isn’t an option because ObamaCare is unsustainable .

Wellmark Blue Cross/Blue Shield and Aetna have both pulled out of the Iowa individual market altogether, leaving only one statewide carrier. While I'm pleased that Medica has decided to stay for another year, Iowans in the individual market will likely see a massive rate increase, all because of ObamaCare. This is unacceptable.

Traveling across Iowa on my 99 county tour, I hear from Iowans who are looking for affordable, and patient-centered health care solutions; your feedback is critical. I will be closely examining the bill to see how it will affect insurance availability and affordability in 2018 and beyond.

However, I want to hear more of your thoughts. To read the full text of the bill, click here . Then, please consider answering the question below on whether your support this legislation.

Do you support this legislation to repeal and replace Obamacare?

Poll not working? Click here to respond.

For more updates on what's happening in Washington, D.C. and Iowa, be sure to 'Like' my Facebook page , follow me on Twitter @SenJoniErnst , and subscribe to my YouTube channel .

Thank you!

Now isn't that just strange.....I thought she was a solid yes on Trumpcare.....


Randy Bryce on Joy MSNBC interview...running against Paul Ryan....

watching now....awesome!!!

CIA chief:Intel leaks on the rise


"WASHINGTON (AP) — CIA Director Mike Pompeo says he thinks disclosure of America’s secret intelligence is on the rise, fueled partly by the “worship” of leakers like Edward Snowden.

“In some ways, I do think it’s accelerated,” Pompeo told MSNBC in an interview that aired Saturday. “I think there is a phenomenon, the worship of Edward Snowden, and those who steal American secrets for the purpose of self-aggrandizement or money or for whatever their motivation may be, does seem to be on the increase.”

Pompeo said the United States needs to redouble its efforts to stem leaks of classified information"

Can you believe this nutjob?!?! Pompeo actually believes that leakers are fueled by worship phenomenon.

Did you ever imagine Pompeo that many citizens are true to country, not party? Leakers see all the evil, treasonous shit being peddled but yet cannot say anything! Leakers do not want worship...if they did they would give their names. They are ready to blow...so the only left is to get it out to the media! How did he ever get the job...he is such an idiot!!

Where in his resume does it show he is qualified to lead the CIA? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mike_Pompeo

Check out Twitter..@Spicerlies

They have uploaded several of Dump's former class action suits, bankruptcies, and fines from FinCen. I am going back there to read...a lot of stuff!


Too funny...Colbert announces he is running for President in 2020 and asks for any Russian assistanc


Difficult to understand some of the video because this is on a Russian network and commentator speaks only Russian. However, Colbert as always is EXCELLENT!!!!

An American Sickness by Elisabeth Rosenthal...we need to send a copy to every congress person


I would say more, but the book is explanatory!
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