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Member since: Wed Feb 1, 2006, 12:04 AM
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The Post Office Rocks!!!

Last Saturday (Aug 29th) I sent my Mother-In-Law in Tucson, Arizona some tomatoes from my garden and zucchini bread made from the excess my over-generous plants continue to offer. I sent three flat rate Priority boxes. I live in Tigard, Oregon (a suburb of Portland) and I know a lot of areas are having problems with their mail delivery, so I was a little worried about them getting there on time and safely. The last thing we got from her was a birthday card she sent my husband and it took 10 days. But she really loves fresh tomatoes and can't grow them there and her neighbors have been asking her if I was going to send more zucchini bread since last Summer, so I decided to risk it. I used 3 large flat rate Priority boxes and the clerk told me that they should get there by Tuesday (Sept 1st), but it wasn't guaranteed. I sent them on their way with fingers crossed, hoping that they would arrive before they were tomato sauce and moldy bread. She called me last night to tell me that she had gotten them yesterday afternoon - a day early, in less than 48 hours. I'm so happy. I am hoping that maybe the uproar from the citizenry caused by the attempt to destroy the post office has backfired and stopped them, at least for now.

Thank you so much for the heart

I've never gotten one before.

Thank you so much for the heart

I've never gottten one before.


That kind of educational system doesn't train kids to be good little workbots who are happy to do whatever is required of them without question and have no curiosity beyond who will win this season's American Idol or Super bowl. Who would never question what is fed to them by the powers that be and their media conglomerates. Who accept any lie or manipulation of the truth, no matter how outrageous it sounds, without the slightest bit of research or doubt. And what is this Equity they speak of? What kind of Commie idea is that? How would the superior class be distinguished from the "underlings" if there were no private schools to weed out the chaff? We can't allow the commoners to have the same opportunities as the wealthy. That's just Un-American. That would never work here.
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