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Member since: Thu Mar 12, 2020, 10:19 PM
Number of posts: 103

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I Got Stimulated and Did My Patriotic Duty - Spent it.

I got my stimulus yesterday. Today, I did what was intended with it. I spent a bunch of it.

Just trying to do my part as a good US Citizen and a Democrat.

So, if both Pence and Trump succombed to COVID-19, Pelosi would become President

This thought just occurred to me. I'm not saying I hope that happens. It isn't proper to wish illness and death on anybody.

The Bolton Angle on the NSC Shutdown of Pandemic Team Confuses me.

Something that's been nagging at me is that Bolton was apparently part of the shutdown of the NSC Pandemic team. Why? What was his angle on this? How did he benefit? Was it just about consolidating power? Did he have some other agenda?

It's not like he had to do that to have the virus run rampant in his most-hated country, Iran. It did that without US help.

I'm just wondering how he felt he benefited from the elimination of that team. I don't think he's much better than Trump with regard to thinking of anyone but himself.
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