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Member since: Mon Oct 22, 2012, 08:55 PM
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A message to Cali Berners....


I'm sorry, but I'm not congratulating Hillary....

Too much dirty tricks being played on her side. There's no honor in dictating and abusing the system for one's benefit. If she's winning without the tricks, lies, and others, then there's honor and integrity in her win and I'll be voting for her. I'm sorry, camp Hillary, for hurting your feelings and hating what you read, but I'm not here to kiss your asses not your candidate's. I don't fall in line like the others. I'm my own leader, and if I walk alone, so be it. Winning or losing, like it or not, Bernie WILL be heading to the convention, and all is left to say is this:


People call this "Bernie Blackout." I call this:

an act of terror on social media. n/t

People call this "Bernie Blackout." I call this:

an act of terror on social media. n/t

Fact: Sen. Claire McCaskill backing Hillary Clinton. n/t

A fair question with a fair answer.

Not because you mentioned Bernie's name, but because you let me know where your heart is. In order to support a candidate, he or she must have views or beliefs that you agree with. That's how it suppose to be. Blind loyalty from either side of the isle has disastrous consequences if the wrong person is elected. I'm glad that you have something to back up your support for her. The links aren't necessary. What you typed is more than enough for me. Thanks for answering my question.

What is it about Hillary that's making you defend her so passionately?

What does she stand for to make you vote for her?

You've done what the Sanders campaign ask of us to do. On behalf of the Berners here,

we and Bernie are lucky to have someone as dedicated as you. You honor us greatly. The only thing you can do now is support him. However, if you know people in the remaining states, call them and continue spreading his name. People like you are a YUUUGE benefit to his campain.




You have nothing to apologize for. Your expression for your loyalty towards Bernie is nothing short

of beautiful. I'm sure that there are far more people like you in California. You and the others were involved in getting Sanders nominated through your vote. That's all matters.

Abby Martin Exposes What Hillary Clinton Really Represents

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