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Name: Ellen
Gender: Female
Hometown: West Orange, NJ
Home country: USA
Current location: West Orange, NJ
Member since: Thu Nov 11, 2004, 10:35 AM
Number of posts: 1,924

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Push for war with Iran, thread locked as a "conspiracy theory"?

I've been away for a day or two, doing something else.

I just saw that a thread in "good reads" on the globalization of war was locked. I am supposing that that happened because the word "conspiracy" was mentioned in that thread.


This thread was about an article, The Globalization of War. It was not, to my mind, about a conspiracy theory! Or maybe I should ask, what is a conspiracy theory? Or was it locked because of the identity of one of the authors of the quoted article? Are certain authors banned here?

There are obviously forces at work in the world that want to go to war with Iran, just as there were once forces that obviously wanted the US to invade Iraq, and for reasons that had nothing to do with the stated reasons. That was, in reality, a conspiracy. And it ended up costing us a great deal.

So, dear Skinner, are we forbidden to discuss such things, honestly? There are conspiracies going on every day, for damned sure. Do you think the big banks didn't conspire? The RICO law, that is against racketeering, which is conspiring, isn't it?

Would this mean discussion of forces pushing for the Iraq invasion would not have been allowed on the grounds that that would have been a conspiracy theory?

The boundaries or limits here are really blurry. But the real trouble is that conspiracies are obviously an everyday reality. So maybe you mean is either conspiracy theories that are ridiculous, or that are politically inappropriate? A conspiracy, or plot, or move that crosses some ill-defined line that somehow gets it defined specially as a "conspiracy theory," which is something unacceptable, when actually any time a few folks get together and plan to do something illegal, that is a conspiracy. I mean, when some Republicans -- or Democrats, for that matter -- get together in a room and figure out how to redraw district lines to increase their seats, isn't that a conspiracy? Or when those Republicans get together and draft laws designed to keep Dems from voting, isn't that a conspiracy? Just a sort of a realpolitik conspiracy?

Sorry, I'm tired and in pain and fear I'm not being clear.

Finally, is it actually forbidden to discuss the forces that are pushing for war with Iran? Or is it just forbidden in Good Reads? If we want to talk about the push to invade Iran, do we have to go do it in the 9/11 forum or whatever has replaced it? Doesn't that seem silly?

Would we have needed to talk about PNAC in the 9/11 forum?

I was just astonished to see this thread locked. One poster, near the bottom, made a comment with the word "conspiracy" in it. I disagree with that comment, but now the thread is locked.

I would actually like to know.

One more question: Would a thread on a book like Family of Secrets: The Bush Dynasty also get locked? Because that book is all about conspiracies, conspiracies that are very likely very real, but which have not been proven.

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