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Member since: Sat Mar 4, 2017, 01:46 PM
Number of posts: 6,804

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Did anyone else take it personally that on Fathers Day

the Wordle answer was loser. That is usually what I put in for 5th and 6th entry, when I tell myself I've put in too much time on this already.

Meanwhile in Hillsdale Michigan where Hillsdale College wants freedom of speech

this just happened. The librarian and childrens' librarian both resigned because a PHD student accused them of furnishing inappropriate materials to kids and "grooming" them. A local guy has done a great piece and I will post his link. Remember Hillsdale College is spreading it's poison nationwide and has been tasked with opening academies by one state already. A special meeting of library board has been called for tonight. The damage is already done though. Two decent people have been moved to resign. No one but one of Hillsdale Colleges Stepford children would take the job now. Josh Colettas' page has a brilliant takedown of this attempt at censorship, I urge you to read it. https://l.facebook.com/l.php?u=https%3A%2F%2Funcommonsense.joshcolletta.com%2F2022%2F05%2F24%2Fpaladino-furthers-nazi-republican-takeover-heres-how-we-stop-it%2F%3Ffbclid%3DIwAR1gYhsMIkfWEEP3YX7JWrbBMSaPiEsiEIWzfmlIKT8APZOnmSLp21g05rU&h=AT3JAk_OVwDMpNWe81J-gPHQVGOdJIFip3E-a3_IraQCN_cmgb3zmucrv1tkRm2IJaVKedtOlQ1E8FmBPhZXOjL4iMwIhHzqZfQCJZbfsYUIAWf0IYpYOwdEI0kytaAeEoLv&__tn__=H-R&c[0]=AT2f4SQSLKT4h-rndN_45EjtNHdEkWgla0zPRuO41_7vznBcebyIOT0Q-AmdkV6z3VWB3SFHnbqlfL4rR3fo_PiSDYMVU2S5jcLnAN2ESpFuKPqLaEuieHVnklqdgaQvBJ0C6LLTkLu76o8pD_pLsXMLnTijO5Dgzc1OtBnaGx8HcFVR_QXR4xhSgvxwvCrHnxznb5L2kp0LP0y5DXA

Over the last few years I've given thousands of dollars

to politicians and causes. Today I received the 2nd hand written thank you. It was From Carol Blood. The first I ever received was from the woman who ran against our lady of perpetual concern in Maine. My wife would say "her momma raised her right.

Vaxxers Anonymous

I live in a small south central Mi. county hard by Midvale College. 20% of our residents have gotten Covid 167 of my neighbors have succumbed to its ravages. We have had piss poor leadership since it started. in the early stages Midvale didn't openly report their numbers and refused to follow health department guidelines. Even our hospital which incidentally is run by a Midvale graduate was tardy in taking it seriously. To illustrate how fucked up we are the hospital has said if afraid of the social stigma of being seen at a vaccination site they have a number you can call for a private vax. Yeah that is how fucked up my county is. Mostly but not totally because of influence of Midvale College.

So the FBI does a phone interview of the Vice Chair of the Hillsdale Mi. Republican party.

Said Vice chair was confronted with fact that on tape he said he had a gun at the insurrection. He was defiant instead of helpful. Asked the agent what kind of gun was it. He was a smartass to agent who told him you have confessed to a federal crime. He then repeatedly challenged the agent to prove it. Agent ended the call. I'm sure there is more. I hear other officers of the party are being more cooperative.

This Article shows what we are going through in Michigan Re Covid.

Myself and friends are quoted regards Hillsdale County. Author just informed that PBS. US News And World Report and others are picking it up.


Anyone know what's going on in Oklahoma regards todays death count?

1point3 acres shows 1716 new deaths today. Worldometers shows no report from Oklahoma. If I were guessing Oklahoma got caught cooking the books. That is an awful lot of deaths to be reclassified.

I have rightly been called out by a lady on my Facebook group.

She objected to my saying Gaetz had sex with underage girls. She gently stated that this is understating that he had sex with children. I have promised to do better. I think she was correct.

So the Covid relief bill would have passed on Saturday if Ron Johnson hadn't tried to slow it down.

He's really bad at his job.

Regarding ACA. Anyone have any idea how one can get an online quote without getting

endless phone calls? Every link I've tried ends up with e mail or phone number required. I just want to see rates and plans.
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