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Member since: Fri Oct 22, 2004, 02:47 AM
Number of posts: 23,963

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Was Tr**p's Mention Of The Will In His Interview With Hannity - A Subliminal Message To His Kids....

that they better not throw him under the bus cause he can easily take them out of his will.

You know just a casual mention that he has a will and a hint that he may have been looking for it.

Did Tr**p's Lawyers Set Him Up With The Selection Of The Special Master...

I was surprised when the DOJ swiftly accepted Tr**p's choice of Judge Dearie as the Special Master. They didn't question that selection by TFG and jumped on it quickly.

Now as I see how Judge Dearie and the 11th Circuit handled this issue - I sit back and wonder if Tr**p's lawyers perhaps didn't really agree with how TFG wanted to handle this mess and suggested to him a Judge they knew wouldn't weigh in for Tr**p.

I'm wondering if his lawyers set him up?

Help Me Understand This: Tr**p For Property Tax Purposes Values His Properties Low And...

to borrow money - he values his properties high. Is that right?

I live in a state where we have property tax assessors that value one's property. They base the property taxes I have to pay to the State based on that assessment.

How does Tr**p get away with valuing his own properties which he has to pay property taxes on.

Do some states allow the owner of the property to value their property? Is that how and why Tr**p does it?

I Would Love To Tap In To The Calls Going Back And Forth Between Don Jr., Ivanka &.....

Eric now.

I just can't imagine how they are handling the news of the day from NYAG James.

Any Statements Out Of Michael Cohen Yet?

Sounds like he's the one that got the ball rolling on all this.

This Chuck Rosenburg Always Seems To Make Statements....

to take the wind out of the sails of any issue.

She's Basically "Stopping The Steal"...

What goes around comes around.

One Kind Of Wonders How Many Other Companies & Wealthy People.....

employ the same tactics as Tr**p in their financial reporting?

How Would The Media React If Tr**p Said The Pandemic Is Over?.....

They'd probably give him a pass - just like they did when he said that the pandemic would just go away - when we were at the start of the pandemic.

Tr**p Will Keep On Making a Mockery Of Our Laws As Long As We Continue To Let Him.....

Unless and until Tr**p is indicted and called to account for his law breaking - he's going to continue to do it. He's going to continue to flaunt the law and continue to egg on his cult of supporters until somebody with the guts challenges him and puts him in his place.

Up til now - there's a lot of talk about him and his law breaking and his taunting and flaunting of the laws - but all he hears is how he's getting away with it. If he knows that no one is going to challenge him - why should he stop?

I'm sick and tired of hearing that the law enforcement agencies don't know how to deal with him because he was a former president.

Here's a clue: he's not the president any more. He's just a very visible bully.

He's enjoying the fact that as he keeps committing crimes and making idle threats and that these agencies seem befuddled at how to handle dealing with this bully. I call him a bully - because - as long as he's left unaccountable - he gets bolder and bolder at continuing to break laws and make threats just like a grammar school bully.

We need to stand up to this bully and give him his comeuppance.

Until he is brought to justice - he's going to keep on taunting these agencies, committing crimes firing up his cultish supporters and relishing in the thought that he's being allowed to get away with it. As he continues to keep getting away with it - he gets more confidence to even create more havoc.

This cycle he's in - must be broken. Just how many laws does he have to break to finally be held accountable and stopped?

Quit complaining. Quit sharing stories about how bad he is. Quit giving him the forum to continue to break the laws.

Indict; Convict and Jail him already!!!
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