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global1's Journal
global1's Journal
December 7, 2023

Do Tr**p Loyalists & MAGA's Think Tr**p's Autocratic Governing Won't Affect Them If He Wins?.....

If Tr**p wins back the presidency in 2024 and institutes his autocratic administration - whatever dictates he establishes will not only impact on the Dems - but will impact on all Americans.

Many of the freedoms and benefits we have now as Americans - Tr**p will change.

Those Americans that voted for Tr**p won't be given special dispensation from his policies just because they voted for Tr**P and their lives will suffer as much as those of us that didn't vote for Tr**p.

How is is that Tr**p Loyalists and MAGA's don't understand the effect of that impact on their lives and the lives of their families?

Do they really want to live under a Tr**p autocratic regime?

What am I missing?

Shouldn't we be pointing out to them this impact on their freedoms and lives should Tr**p win?

December 5, 2023

My Frustration With Tr**P/Repugs Has Gotten To Me - I Just Had To Vent This.....

I intently listened to Rachel’s – Liz Cheney interview of last night. Seeing these two political polar opposites come together on agreeing that Tr**p is a clear and present danger to our democracy and that we should join forces to prevent Tr**p from winning the presidency in 2024 is monumental.

Earlier in the day I watched Ali Velshi on MSNBC with a panel that discussed the current issue of ‘The Atlantic’ that devoted the whole issue on ‘If Tr**p Wins’ that includes 24 essays covering this topic.

My problem with both is that - those that will read Cheney’s book or this Atlantic issue will be like preaching to the choir. These people are already on board with this. However, the people that really need to read both of these – most likely won’t read them.

Those who will sit down and read these are predisposed to the evils of Tr**p and what we'd face if he won in 2024. And - unfortunately - those that need to read the info that is packed into these publications won't be reading it. Most probably they don't know that 'The Atlantic' even exists or are already conditioned by Fox News – not to watch MSNBC.

It is fair to say that the people that need to be aware of what we'd face 'If Tr**p Wins' don't get their info from 'The Atlantic' and don't watch MSNBC or for that matter many don't even concern themselves with 'politics'. They are the ones that are oblivious to what's going on around them in the wonderful world of politics and say - there is nothing they can do - so why concern myself with this.

These people get their info from the internet; social media and monologues on the late night shows. In my opinion - the hosts of these late night shows have and are continuing to do more damage to our democracy - by trying to make light of politics and continuously making fun of Biden and his age. (Note: in my opinion Jimmy Fallon is the biggest offender of this).

These continuous – night after night – jibes at Biden and his age – subliminally registers in the back of the mind of voters and they take away a negative connotation that somehow he’s not fit to be president.

They are pumping many American People with the thought that Joe Biden is too old - by continuing making fun of him and his age. Already - in my opinion - they've swayed public opinion so much that it has hurt Biden in the polling.

Instead they and we should be talking about his immense political experience that he's gained through the years by serving the American People and the wisdom he's obtained through his years of service. There is so much good that they can be talking about - they are missing a giant opportunity.

Right now a concerted effort must be initiated - from now until election day in Nov 2024 to get to that potential voter and warn them what they would be facing 'If Tr**p Won'. Not with articles in 'The Atlantic' or Liz Cheney books - but through social media and the internet - through well placed political campaign ads TV interspersed in those programs that are most popular with the American People.

These ads should and must illustrate what Biden and the Dems have already accomplished and will continue to accomplish - if the electorate would just give them the Senate, the House and the Presidency - without having to deal with continuing bogus challenges and lies foisted on them by the Repugs and Tr**p.

These ads should be targeted and messaged to all the different potential voting peoples. Seniors; women; LGBTQ; students/student loans; minorities; etc. There are specific messages that resonate with each of these voting blocs. That is how these ads should be directed – to move that voter on an issue that is important and meaningful to them. Why if Tr**P/Repugs win – it would hurt them. Why if Biden/Dems win it would benefit them.

Folks - the stakes are big this time around. There's no second chance. Tr**p and the Repugs have a lot at stake to - lie, cheat and steal this election - and - unfortunately - they have learned a lot as to how to do it better this time around.

My God – they are actually telling us – how they’ll accomplish their goals of destroying our democracy. The sad thing is that the media is providing them with the forum to warn us and we seemingly sit back and just put up with it.
So what do we do?

So - we have to pull out all the stops now - to prevent Tr**p and the Repugs from this threat - whatever it takes to stop them.

The American Electorate - between now and Nov 2024 must be barraged with all kinds of campaign ads, documentaries and illustrations of what Tr**p and the Repugs have already pulled on us; point out the dangers of what they are currently telling us by their words and actions; and what they intend to do if they regain power.

We need to do this now to challenge them - while we still represent another Party and a better way. We can’t and shouldn’t wait until – heaven forbid – that they may actually regain power again in 2024. That is too late.

Remember that feeling you had when you heard the first time that Tr**p won the presidency? If that happens in 2024 – there’s no going back. There’s no second chance as they have gained the time and experience to be more efficient this time in to make it stick.

We must use the power of the internet, social media - and yes – even the late night talk show hosts - and you and I - to make sure we get the word out as to the consequences of a Tr**p/Repug victory in 2024.

What really disturbs me is the fact that so many news shows, media talking heads and day to day communications are already talking about a potential win for Tr**p and what he would do if he won.

This is already getting to the people. Many in the American Electorate are already drawing a foregone conclusion that Tr**p will win in 2024.

Even Tr**p has drawn that conclusion already and - every chance he gets – he’s driving that thought down our throats. This is the one thing that he’s a master of. Repetition!!!

He’s got his MAGA followers behind him. He’s got the Repug Party tied up to the point that he’s got them coming out to not continue to support the Ukrainian effort to win their war with Putin. That’s because – if they are successful at not continuing to fund Ukraine’s war effort against Russia – Putin wins – and if Putin knows this he will do everything he can to help Tr**p/Repugs to regain the presidency.

We’ve gotten to a point that if the American Electorate buys into this I’m afraid many will just give up and say – why should I even participate or vote in 2024. If we get to this point without putting up a forceful and substantial counter campaign – we have lost before we’ve even started. This would be a sad day for this country.

[Note: Thank you for letting me rant here. I’m so frustrated as I watch many of these talking heads – exactly telling us what is going on and the horrors of what we can face in the future – but seem so helpless in preventing Tr**p from regaining the presidency.]

December 3, 2023

Does Anyone Here Think That Tr**p Will Not Wind Up As The Nominee Of The Repug Party?.....

Is there a chance that this might happen?

December 2, 2023

Can Tr**p Be Court Ordered To See A Doctor - Picked By The Court - To Give Him A.....

thorough physical and mental examination that is not a biased Doctor that he either has paid off or one that has loyalties to him?

I got to think that he has (at the least) mental issues (maybe dementia) and he knows it. I believe that's why he issues these weak health exam letters from Docs of his choosing and why he keeps saying that Biden has mental capacity issues.

That seems to be his MO. Try to say that the other guy/side has the problem that he himself has = to shift the emphasis on them vs him.

December 1, 2023

Does Santos Have Dirt On His Repug Colleagues In The House That He Can.....

use as leverage to keep them from throwing him out of Congress?

I'm sure if he does - they will just say that he's making stuff up - he's a known liar.

It will be interesting to see if he does try and blackmail some of them.

If he's successful - Tr**p will probably resort to the same tactic. I'm sure Tr**p though - is privy to a lot of dirt on the Repugs in general that can really hurt the Party if they abandon him for another primary nominee.

November 25, 2023

Any Truth To The Rumor If Tr**p Retakes The Presidency In 2024 That He's....

going to Nationalize the oil companies?

November 13, 2023

What's The Background Story On Alec Baldwin's Cameo On SNL Last Night?.....

Is this his re-launch back into the limelight?

Who's idea was this? He's a friend of SNL. Are they helping him relaunch his career?

November 9, 2023

Third Party Candidates Don't Scare Me.....

Voters wanting to vote for Biden will still vote for Biden.

I believe, however, a third party candidate gives the option to Repugs that are equivocating on Tr**p - to vote for one of the third party candidates.

The 3rd party candidate will steal away more votes from Tr**p is my prediction.

November 8, 2023

I'm Watching Nat.Geo's Docu - JFK: One Day In American & Have An Observation.....

I was 15 & in high school on Nov 22, 1963. I remember the events of those days pretty vividly as I was glued to the TV - taking it all in.

I'm on Part 2 - Manhunt - of this documentary and the observation I am commenting on is how law enforcement that day handled the crime scene and the evidence they found at the Texas School Depository.

A group of LE's converged on the site. They didn't seem to isolate the site and take the precautions that are taken these days of protecting the evidence that they may find on site.

I was appalled at watching how they handled the rifle that was found at the scene and how many people handled it and how it was transported away from the site.

Just wondering - because I don't or can't remember what was said about this at the time and since.

Was this discussed at the time? Because I think if such an incident happened today - that it would be handled completely differently than what they did back then.

Just curious now as I take in this 3 part series.

November 6, 2023

Is There A Companion Case To This Trial Where He Inflated His Numbers....

to boost his wealth?

Didn't - when tax time hit that they actually deflated the values on properties to pay less property tax?

Is that part of what's going on in this trial? Will there be separate charges filed on 'deflated values'? OR Did they just ignore that part of this whole thing?

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