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Member since: Fri Sep 12, 2014, 10:48 AM
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As to super delegates

I hope this exageration makes things clear

If the United States were divided with 30 red states and 20 blue states and in the democratic primary your candidate won all 30 red states amassing a huge delegate total while your lost dreamer candidate won only twenty blue states, who as a super delegate would you offer the party nomination to delegates or not.

Along those lines, who is winning, the person with 9 wins in states that will go republican affording dems no electoral votes but three squeakers for 23 electors, or the dreamer with 9 blue state wins offering a little more than 39 electoral votes?

Hate speech

the politics are going to hot and
there are nuts out there with guns
just looking for a reason. Lets be carefull

If the Sanders campaign notified the DNC of this security glitch in October

when did DWS inform Hillary, O'Malley Webb and Chafee of this security problem. Seems to me she would have had an ethical responsibility to inform all the candidates of this problem in a timely manner.

I'll take the beating for this because it isn't nice but

I am going to ask it anyways. If you were to learn that the murderers in Paris were sons, fathers and daughters from Fallujah would it affect your thinking?

We can't deny the urgency of the Black lives movement

or that this issue, this terror has not been a national disgrace since this nations founding.

We can not in good conscience be silent or allow it to go on any longer.
It is time to act. To focus national attention on profile harassment, excessive force and police brutality.
We owe it to our brothers and sisters.

There are meetings being planned all over the country for this July 29th to support Bernie Sanders for
president. We should make it a day of solidarity by reaching out to BLM to join us and to plan with us to use our numbers to insist that Washington take action immediately.

Bernie said that it would take numbers and activism and that it was up to us.
We are going to have to show up.

Maybe we get this revolution started a little early
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