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Member since: 2002
Number of posts: 47,846

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For the love of Cthulhu, please, I beg of you...

DO NOT, whatever you do, go to YouTube and click on any stories about DeSantis' refugee stunt.

Half the people in the comments are all "yeah! That's the kind of leadership we need! You go, Governor Ron!"

The other half are naming places that DeSantis and Abbott can send even more refugees to, like Democratic officeholders' homes.

Not one person is pointing out that what DeSantis did is definitely cruel and probably a federal felony.

If Jesus were to return to earth today, I fear his first act would be to go to Fort Hood and dispatch an M109 howitzer plus a million high-explosive projectiles with powder and fuzes for it. (Jesus is perfectly capable of downloading a copy of the owner's manual, Technical Manual 9-2350-314-10-1.) He would then use it on the social clubs and dens of iniquity masquerading as Christian churches. Like Gandhi is reputed to have said, "I like your Christ very much. I do not like your Christians. They are nothing like your Christ."

Today's helpful household hint

Dry all your clothes on Low. The tradeoffs you get for the increased drying time are that they come out much nicer and there's less shrinkage.

I bought a copy of the new Jurassic World film last night

Quick question: Can anyone figure out what the hell this movie's point is? Other than, "this is the last one of these we're ever going to make so let's send all the dinosaur files out in a blaze of glory, and let's throw in a gratuitous Monsanto slam while we're at it"?

How many times can a MAGAt head explode?

Not only did Their Lord and Savior have a REAL bad fuckin’ week, and their hero Bannon get hauled off in irons, the only black NASCAR Cup driver on the circuit, Bubba Wallace, dealt a straight-up Ass Whoopin’ at Kansas Speedway this afternoon.

I'm just slightly miffed at Adam Frisch right now

But only slightly.

Dude, if you're going to set up a perfectly good drinking game, PLEASE do it on a night I'm not working!

Another reason TFG can't be allowed to go to the Queen's funeral

It would be WAY too easy for him to slip out of the hotel, go to Embassy Row and start requesting asylum.

Orange maniac accuses John Fetterman of being a doper


This is what the piece of shit said:

“Fetterman supports taxpayer funded drug dens and the complete decriminalization of illegal drugs, including heroin, cocaine, crystal meth and ultra lethal fentanyl,” he said. “And by the way, he takes them himself”.

November 9. 2am.

They will wait until after the election to haul the entire Trump inner circle in to keep every MAGAt in the country from casting sympathy votes for Republicans.

They will not wait long after the election.

Three ways to deal with Trump's spying

Way 1: Wait until he really does shoot a man on Fifth Avenue just to watch him die.
End result: While this MIGHT get him locked up, it will result in the death of a man who doesn’t deserve it.

Way 2: Call the cops and tell them you saw Trump selling loose cigarettes in an alley.
End result: “Ma’am, we saw him too. When we found out he was asking $20 for one cigarette we called him the idiot he is and made him go home.”

Way 3: Sic Merrick Garland on him.
End result: “That will work fine. Signed, The Unabomber.”

Question for when Trump finally gets hauled in

Should the DoJ request a search warrant for the rest of Trump’s buildings looking for classified information?

I figure if Trump was using his Florida house as a dead drop location, he was probably using the rest of his buildings for the same thing. We unfortunately missed the opportunity to roll up what was probably the primary one when he sold his DC hotel, but his name is still on a lot of other buildings that would work for the purpose.
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