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Member since: Mon Aug 15, 2016, 03:14 PM
Number of posts: 159

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MY statement in a political debate group on Facebook.

Just dipping a toe in, if anybody wishes to critique this I'd love to get your suggestions as to if I can do this better, and how to become better at this.

Let me ask you. If you knew a man was a liar, and not because he was misled on a few things but out of sheer and brazen disregard for truth and had shown that thousands of times, would you find some things he was perhaps secretive about suspicious?
Bear with me. Say you were a business manager with 5 employees and one employee is "Brad". Brad's kind of a butthole, you've caught him talking credit for the works of others before, you've seen him lie about people who criticize him, you've heard him bragging in the break room, you've seen the workplace politics, backroom rumors, and playing for position- all of which Brad is really good at. Regular work, not so much, but the politics of it, wow, he's a savant. He brought his obviously vapid but hot girlfriend to work and paraded her around, his Dad gives him a bunch of cash and every Friday he leaves when the rest of you do and jumps into his red BMW convertible with a "so long, losers, smell you Monday".
Do you like Brad just because he insulted another guy you don't care for at that job? Is that few moments worth everything else that makes your soul feel like it's being sucked out every time you interact with "Brad"? You know Brad's a dick. You KNOW it. Is it worth pretending he isn't? Oh, sure. you may say "Good ol' Brad", and some others may too, but nobody really thinks Brad is "good" at all, ..his Dad just happens to currently own the company. Brad says he's "paid his dues", in fact Brad says he knows every machine on that line better than guys who have 30+ years in on that same machine. Everybody is as afraid of Brad, or saying anything anti-Brad, as people in Pleasantville when Billy wants them to only think "good thoughts" or be wished into the cornfield.
If Brad makes fun of the fat guy, the gay guy, the black guy, do you laugh and play along and then deny it if asked by human resources, and deny Brad did it? If you do, although it says a lot about Brad..what does it say about you?
Biden isn't my first choice and he's no saint, but at least he doesn't act like he is. Grow a spine. You KNOW right from wrong. It's not acting like a p*ssy to stand up for what's good about humanity.

A little poetry about the standard republican on political forums.

Fagin Presents:
I'll just say an Obama or two!

Don't look here, don't look there
tRump corruption everywhere,
But I can't see it, I don't care,
I'll just say an Obama or Two!
When I'm wrong I'll say I'm right,
Or I'll just say an Obama or two!

tRump corrupt? Heavens No!
He was a host on a hit game show!
How that makes him qualified I don't know-
So I'll just say an Obama or two!
tRumps a fool but I don't care,
I'll just say an Obama or two!

My tax return disappeared
I probably won't get one two more years
But I can't admit that or my fear
So I'll just say an Obama or two!
I'll swear that I got ten grand back,
And I'll throw in an Obama or twooooooo!

Made this today


A Monday Morning wish.


enjoy, restart it from the beginning.

A new old idea.

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