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Member since: Thu Apr 15, 2004, 05:56 PM
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LOL, "Midwestern Diner Man", a favorite character seen in "Fred's Typical Ohio Diner" from...

...the political cartoon This Modern World.

When it comes to man-on-the-street interview subjects, media outlets like MSNBC are perennial suckers for the "I'm economically anxious--definitely NOT a bigot" demographic.


He dates back to when there once was a moderate Republican party...

...more dominated by Northeastern politicians like George HW Bush. Of course, those days are gone. Most of the Republicans today make Reagan look downright liberal by comparison.

Unfortunately, Rudy Boschwitz also won in the 1978 election, and he and Durenberger often (but not always) cancelled out each others' vote. They both basically campaigned as moderate Republicans, but Boschwitz was much more of an ideologue once in office.

Old wine in new bottles. Trump is plagiarizing this crap...

...from far-right and alt-right sources. This is standard boilerplate rhetoric heard daily from radtrad Catholic media outlets like EWTN and Relevant Radio. It is also clear that Trump cribs his more extreme statements from Nick Fuentes and his execrable "Groypers" as well as incel and MRA/PUA groups at places like 4Chan.

Journalist David Neiwert brought this "mainstreaming" process to light in his book Alt-America: The Rise of the Radical Right in the Age of Trump.


She's the female Uncle Ruckus, for those who remember "The Boondocks" show.


I see. Because Biden is running a USSR-style command economy, I suppose...

...and he has a button on his desk that says "Make Economy Gooder!" which he just refuses to push. So it's all his fault. Got it.

He also made numerous tweets opposing common-sense attempts at Covid prevention. One example...

... was his tweet about the July 4th event at Mount Rushmore. "People are fed up!", he declared (7/1/20), making Covid precautions into another front in the culture war. Herman Cain made other specious claims like "the vast majority of people who get exposed to the virus don't even get sick" (4/30/20). Cain's lax attitude probably resulted in him contracting a fatal case of the virus, whether at Trump's infamous Tulsa rally or while traveling with the Trump campaign.

In a macabre twist, Cain's staff (and possibly his family) continued to post from his official Twitter account long after his death from Covid on Joly 30, 2020.

Don Jr is way behind the times, plagiarizing Reddit content that's a decade old.

He's clearly getting this stuff from the usual places: Reddit, 4Chan/8Chan/whatever-the-hell-they-call-it-now, the ".win" sites, etc. This latest outburst from Don Jr is just stock boilerplate copy, unaltered and plagiarized. It is, however, a good example of how this garbage is mainstreamed: first it shows up on the Pepe chud sites like the ".wins", next it moves to 8Chan and Reddit, then on to the "think" tanks and the talkers like PragerU and Don Jr, and later it becomes accepted vernacular at places like Fox "News".

The old joke is that the "Catholic" League is Bill Donohue and a fax machine.

That joke is still relevant because how many people these days have even seen a fax machine?! Bill Donohue increasingly seems like a political dinosaur, an Archie Bunker type who refuses to see the world moved on decades ago. Donohue is still heard occasionally in reactionary Catholic media like EWTN and Relevant Radio, but no one pays attention to those networks or has even heard of them. This is probably Donohue's attempt at clickbait.

Trump really is the walking, talking embodiment of the Seven Deadly Sins. Only now...

...is the religious right beginning to notice that after it has become apparent that Trump can't deliver the goods when it comes to future elections. Of course, that's mainly because the rest of the electorate is disgusted and exhausted after years of Trumpism.

Trump is such a moron. "The Election was Rigged and Stollen (sic)"...

...not only can Trump not understand proper capitalization, but he also misspells "stolen" as "Stollen", a German Christmas cake. By the way, I am pretty sure that he's made this mistake before. I have a screenshot folder full of examples of Trump massacring the English language, and the "stolen" =/= "Stollen" misspelling seems really familiar.
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