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Member since: Mon Apr 24, 2017, 02:32 PM
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Not pollictal: It's about my experience with Carvana

Have you seen the commercials?
Have you been curious?

I have a car that is awful in the winter. I love it but, it does not handle snow and ice. After this winter, which was terrible, my husband and I decided I needed a 4 wheel drive or all wheel drive.

I am a small car driver so, the same goes for an SUV. There were a few I considered and we looked around. In my town the major car dealers are not very good. One is very high and the other is kinda sleazy. We looked at dealers in other towns and were not feeling like we were seeing much. So, I decided to check out Carvana.

I had my husband check it out and he liked it alot.

We were intrigued with buying a car online like this.

We called them and the lady explained everything really well and answered our questions. She was super nice. She talked to me about my car as trade in and did a pre-qualify. You are not locked in to anything through the process.

We took our time and found one we both liked and set up the purchase process.

There was a few questions we had with getting my final price for my car and other things. Again Customer Service was outstanding.
When we had it all set, a date was set to deliver our car. When they come we can refuse to accept it on the spot. But, if we are happy then we take for a test drive and have 7 days to decide if we like it. During that time they encourage you to take to a mechanic to look your car over.

Our car is coming Monday.

I'm impressed with how open the process is.

I decided to post this not as some ad for the place but, so many people we know are curious. So, I thought some here might be curious as well and decided to write about our experience with it.


I read today that Shaun King and another person have raised $50,000 for a reward leading to a murderer.

As a white grandmother in the midwest my heart breaks over a little girl.
I have granddaughters who are very precious to me who are 9 and 6.
She haunts me.
She should be at home playing with her Christmas toys.
Not laying in a casket in some Funeral Home.

I see this baby's mother. A picture of her seeming to be holding on by a thread as she tells what happened in the car when a man in a red pickup shot at her family. A mom out for a day with her daughters. He shot and an innocent child is dead.

I check online to see if a monster has been caught yet. And I feel sad he has not yet.

I can feel the pain Jazmine's mom is going through. The deep, soul crushing pain. Then it ebbs to sadness and then a depression that hangs on for months and years when her thought turn to her baby who should be starting Jr. High, going to prom, graduating and beginning college. All the milestones that never will be. Only the memory of the 1000 watt smile that seemed to light everything up.
And the question of 'why'.

Even if and when the monster is caught and his reasons are learned, it still will never be enough to answer why. Why a little girl.
Why anyone. Why did he choose hate and murder?

About Impeachment: I remember Watergate

Alot of people are stomping about Impeach now.

When I was in Jr. High I remember the summer and Watergate hearings being on television.
Because I grew up watching news and being interested in politics, as well as my mother and older brother and I discussing politics, I did watch the hearings off and on.
By the time I was in high school the question of impeaching Nixon was in the air. And eventually he resigned.

The democrats cannot go rushing in on Jan. 3rd and begin impeachment of Trump.

A. The democrats cannot go acting as dumb as the republicans in the late 90s with Clinton. The republicans paid a heavy price.

B. McConnoll with keep a tight grip on his republican majority in the senate and refuse to allow the 3/4 majority vote to impeach if the democrats go in like bulls in a china shop.

C. There needs to be time for Mueller to successfully complete his investigation before the democrats do anything.

And most important: There needs to be public hearings, ala Watergate, to inform the people of the crimes and those involved. They need to understand what happened and what has been going on. This will make the public more supportive of impeachment.

Impeachment is a serious thing. Not something to rush into. It needs to be done right in order to have public support and to impress on the public the seriousness of the crimes.
And to gather support from the republicans, who will do as their voters demand.

It can never be done zip bam boom.

I Really Like Andrew, Stacey and Beto

I wish I could vote for them. All Three have something special and remind me of 14 years ago,

Back then there was a little known State Senator running for US Senator in my state.
He managed to draw alot of attention with his charisma and energy and eventually got the attention of the nominee for President that year, John Kerry.
Kerry asked him to be Keynote speaker and he wowed the convention.

I had the pleasure of voting for him for our senator.

A few years later he was to announce for President and my husband and I drove from Rockford, IL to Springfield just so we could stand quite away from the stands in 9 degree weather to listen to him. We were thrilled.

We supported him for President and lo and behold he became the nominee and then President.

He was a good President.

It's been two years since he's been out of office and Lord, do I miss President Obama.
He did Illinois proud.

Jack Burkman was named the man trying to set up Mueller

The woman who reported that she was offered money to claim sexual harassment against Robert Mueller was named as Jack Burkman.

Burkman is a lobbyist best known for investigating Seth Rich's murder.

He was also known for Free the Delegates campaign, an anti Trump effort to release delegates from pledges in the 2016 RNC convention.

He also leads an outfit called American Decency, known for pressuring the Dallas Cowboys to let gay player, Michael Sam, go.

Here is his Wiki page:


I know the South Park Susan incident is a few days old but,

I just had to write this.

I saw the video and am so disgusted.

I am a middle aged white woman who has always found racism and bigotry wrong and upsetting. I could never wrap my mind around it.

Maybe because I was brought up to see it as wrong and to take people as individual persons. I base my feelings or views on the person and not the religion or color, ect.

The spate of calls by largely white women against blacks committing the crimes of grilling and picnicing in the park, sitting in the student union as a student, collecting signatures to run for office, being a father walking his baby in the park, ect. has galled me.

Not to mention tragedies like a school employee riding in the car with his toddler daughter and fiancee, or being 12, waiting in the the park for his sister playing with a toy gun, selling onsies, and being murdered. No weapons and not doing anything wrong but, murdered.

Now comes South Park Susan who is hot, beautiful and white - as she says, harassing and insulting two sisters waiting for roadside assistance to come.,

And the acts of hate towards women and minorities.

I live in a small city in Illinois. I have had black bosses and co-workers. Real black friends where we called each other and hung out.
And frankly, I just don't recall a time in my adult life where things were this bad.

Granted, I have never had to experience this kind of thing myself. Except during the lead up to Iraq when the French became the enemy (freedom Fries) and my mother, with her french accent, had me worried. The French Bistro by her home got vandalized.
But, that was minor.

With the murders of 11 people at the synagogue yesterday I have to say that lately I have noticed more anti semitic comments, ect. But, I am not sure if it is growing or has been that way all along, My ex husband was adopted and a couple years ago ran a dna thing and found out he was half jewish. This makes our daughter 1/4 and my granddaughters 1/8. So, my awareness has ticked way up recently.

I am wondering if this is the same with other communities. That the hate has always been there goes without saying but, has it gotten alot worse lately or is it that we are just being made aware?

911, What is Your Emergency

<img src="" alt="Related image"/>

Picture This....

Kanye West, Donald Trump, Sarah Palin and Charlie Sheen all together in one room....

The Wizard of Oz

Someone posted a Thread about family and friends who believe in Trump and asked if we knew anyone.
It got me thinking about some in my husband's family who are Trumpkins.
I thought about how so many Trumpkins believe the economy magically grew and got so much better with low unemployment the minute Trump took office.
How they believe the lies and bragging.
They cannot see it's all illusion. Trump is a master of illusion and his followers believe the in the magical hocus pocus.
Just like the people of Oz believed in the great powers of the Wizard.
In reality the Great and Powerful Oz was a failed traveling Flim Flam man who sold junk. Got caught in Oz and the people thought him wise and magical and powerful.
And the con went on until Dorothy and her friends unmasked him.
The Wizard of Oz was able to control the people with a great moon face, loud booming voice, impossible demands and scare tactics.
And it was all an illusion.
So, Donnie is like the Wizard of Oz to his followers who believe his illusions.

Lindsay's audition for Atty Gen!

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