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Profile Information

Name: Mike Olson
Gender: Do not display
Hometown: Minneapolis, MN
Home country: USA
Current location: Minneapolis, MN
Member since: Thu Aug 25, 2016, 03:08 PM
Number of posts: 615

About Me

Liberal Democrat my entire life. Long time reader finally decided to register.

Journal Archives

When did we start just disregarding the rules around here?

This place is really going to the dogs and by dogs I mean people that look to slyly disparage our party and our elected politicians.

It is rife with false equivalencies, divisive comments, whataboutism, prosecuting past crimes against our party, and much much more.

I suspect that we have either a lot of trolls or people that are falling victim to propaganda and psyops warfare being waged on us. We are supposed to be the people that propel our party and back them. We are facing an administration and a republican party that looks to dismantle every bit of progress we have made for decades... Like Lots of decades. And we are sitting here overlaying our own against republican trash and stretching it to fit their narrative. What. The. Fuck?

Tomorrow we work extra hard

Make twice as many calls, write twice as many letters. Refute RW talking points. And pledge to carry that momentum over the next year and then on to 2020.

We got em on the run and it is up to is to continue to keep em on the run until we've run them straight out of power at every level.

Great that these Nazis are losing their jobs

But they need to be hounded and make sure that their next job fires them, and the next and the next and the next....

These people need to pay dearly for their mistake of taking up arms in a group that flaunts our enemies flag and is traitorous in it's ideology.

High of 62 in Minneapolis today

That's something like 35 degrees above average.

Lots of people are thinking that's great. Until someone asks them if they can imagine July in MN at 35 degrees above normal which would put us around 118 degrees.

Now will a strict 35 degree bump hold true? Probably not but it could likely float plus or minus.

Thx for the heart!

Much appreciated!!!

Oh my god. It's crystal clear what is happening. Ethnic cleansing.

Maybe this is pretty common knowledge to some of you and maybe some of you are going to think I am nuts.....

But we are witnessing a new form of ethnic cleansing in our country. Think about everything that is happening right now and look at who is going to bear the brunt of it. The poor and parts of the middle class are going to get ground into nothingness. And nobody more than minorities are going to be affected by it. For some poor they may be rescued by white privilege but the people heading this coup likely don't give two shits about them anyway.

Every action that is happening is going to be devastating to minorities. And look at the people that are behind it. His cabinet appointments. His advisors. His supporters.

This would have seemed absolutely insane to me a few months ago.

I am hitting a wall and need some help

Ok I am one that loves the idea of calling my reps but I am hitting a wall and sort of getting paralyzed about what to contact my reps and sens about each day. Well that and I also suffer from social anxiety a bit but once I get the ball rolling I don't stop. Does anyone know of a list somewhere for a daily action item to contact our reps about? It isn't that there isn't enough stuff to pick something from. It is more that there is SOOOO many things that I don't know what to pick and sort of get paralyzed.

Surely there must be a resource out thee for this sort of thing. I know Michael Moore talked about doing something like this but I can't find anything from him.

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