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Member since: Tue Nov 9, 2004, 04:23 PM
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Hillary Unfit for Presidency

Obama's State Department IG reports that Clinton deliberately violated Departmental policy and the Federal Records Act by secretly conducting business on a private server.

She required her Aministration to deceive the country about the use of the private server.

The private server created a lack of transparency in government operations which is a long-established crime in American government service.

Her deletion of 30,000 emails only emphasizes her contempt for the law and the principle of government transparency, and it demonstrates her willingness to cover up wrongdoing by deceiving the American people and mendaciously refusing responsibility for her actions.

Sorry, it's time for her to bow out; she's unfit to hold any public office.

Steve Forbes: Still Flat on Taxes, Regulation

The one-time presidential candidate predicts a rollback in CAFE ratings, slams the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau and calls for simpler income taxes and a free-market approach to health care as ways to boost the economy.

I favor a flat-tax, too, for Social Security: everybody pays the same percentage of their total income into the retirement and social insurance system, otherwise, along with guaranteed universal health care, education, food, housing, employment, vacation, union membership and minimum annual income, we can put children first, not WORMs (white old rich men).

Sorry, Steve: you're wrong about CAFE standards and the CFPB, though.


What office should Steve Forbes run for next?

Who Pays Security?

With over $400 Billion in assets overseas, the Security bill must be pretty high for US multinationals.

Gee, who pays for it?

I know GE wouldn't build a factory in China unless they knew their assets would be protected. Isn't it a little risky for manufacturers to ship their operations to cheap labor countries?

The people in those countries could just revolt and take over all those valuable corporate assets that have been located so recklessly outside the US.

Unless, of course, somebody's paying a lot of money for some damn good security.

But it couldn't be the American taxpayers. They wouldn't be foolish enough to protect the outsourcing of our whole economy.


What would happen if sequestration cut our defense budget by $0.5 Trillion over the next ten years? (See poll)
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