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old man 76

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Member since: Sat Feb 18, 2012, 04:53 PM
Number of posts: 228

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A past memory.

Old people at times remember things from the past. I will share one of mine with you. Years ago at a little league game which my sons were in an old gentlemen walked up and stood beside me. He asked if any of the players were my children. I pointed out my sons. He looked at me and said they are the future and I an the past. He smiled and said you sir are the hing. Teach your children to embrace the future and not hang on to the past. That is your responsibly do not fail because that is what will keep this country great. He smiled and walked away.

Trum and the weather.

Trump and the weather in Maine are my two complaints this spring. People blame Trump for many things and rightfully so. I have decided I can blame the cold wet spring on him also. My wife says you can blame him for lots of bad policy but not the weather. I on the other hand believe every one has the right to their own opinion so I blame the weather on Trump.


Trump wants two more years. If he gets two more years then he will want to be declared president for life. This is why he idolizes the dictators around the world. When Trump was elected I said this would happen and fifty percent of the people maybe more still think he will do wonderful thing. These folks will follow him right over the cliff. As for me I now will try to live long enough to collect some hefty from a number of conservatives. Yes I will be smiling when I do it.


I live in a conservative area. The people will voice their opinions but are not much for debating issues. The general population in this area is older. Most of the younger people are moving to other areas; however, we do have older, retired people moving into the area. Most are looking for a slower pace of life and to take advantage of the lakes, rivers, mountains and other natural surroundings. I was conversing with one of our life-long older citizens. I joked about mud season, black flies, cold winters and such and said "We had better not tell people wanting to retire here about it or they would not want to come here." He had a short, direct reply to this. He said "We should tell them everything bad we can think of as we already have enough of these damned down-river foreigners moving in".


With this last snow storm one of the weather reporters Keith Carson I think said this would be Maine's tenth longest winter. I was thinking maybe we should try for snow until the first of June. That should put this winter in first place.Maybe we could change from Maine Vacation Land to Maine Winter Vacation Land. Two things I know first I will keep my head down because some people may want to shoot me. Second if winters get worse I just may head south.

Spring in Maine.

People from other parts of the country ask how spring is in Maine. I say nice the trees turn green, wild flowers bloom and such. I never mention mud season followed by black fly season. I feel it is some thing better experienced than explained.

Remember liberty or death.

Just read an article on M.S.N. Trump seems to be making veiled threats to liberals about using the military, police and biker gangs to put down liberal agendas. He hints that liberals are weak and would yield to force. You folks ready for a good fight if necessary? I am old but I think i have one more battle in me. I have always lived free in this great country and would rather die then live under a dictator.

I would support

Seems like we have a group of people who desire to be the next president.They are all good people but each have their own agenda witch they want right now. As an old person I have seen miraculous changes in this country. Change happen over time if there is thought, preparation and a end that produces a better society.We need leaders who chart a course, steer the ship and allow the time to reach the proper destination. They are the candidates I will support.

Why Trump lies

Why not? The people in this country are too lazy or stupid to investigate what the truth really is. Believe Trump or Fox News is the easy out and it supports some of what they don,t like and never suggests there would be any negative effect on them. Where has common sense gone.

Wondering Why.

I just had my drivers license renewed. This will probably be the last time considering my age. I was born before television, internet or smart phones. I have had a good life and no complaints. What I don,t understand is why so many people want to turn the clock back. Times change and change has been occurring as long as the world has existed. The Trump supporters seem to be saying we need to go back to make things right. What has happened to people? If any one has the answer please let me know. I would prefer to understand the reason rather then die scratching my head and wondering why.
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