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Profile Information

Gender: Female
Current location: New Hampshire
Member since: 2002
Number of posts: 726

Journal Archives

Does anyone in...

...this group have an upper body recumbent bike? If so, can we talk? . I'm interested in where you purchased it and if you found a store with demos so that you could try it out before purchasing. I'm absolutely sold on this bike. Now if I can just find one!!

I disagree that...

...we are ignoring the gassing of children. Those of us who do not want a war with Syria think that killing more people is the wrong approach. Empathy for those children and those parents is ever present, but more deaths cannot right that wrong. Enough with bombs being the solution to every problem.

When spell checking...

...I am being dropped out of the post and back into some random discussion. This has happened now two or three times. Here is the sequence:

Type post.
Spell check.
No misspellings found, hit okay.
Kicked out of post.

I'm not on the same page.

Why would anyone think Graham of Florida when the first paragraph clearly states Lindsey Graham?

Thanks for...

...posting. I watched the entire segment. My feeling is that some of the innovations mentioned cannot get here soon enough.

Stay safe.

Shoveling is never a good thing.

How is Raven faring? She is south of me.

Did anyone mention...

...sugar? Four pounds now instead of five.


You could have put the period at the end of WH.


Just yesterday I read that in Washington seniors are referred to as NPCs, nonproductive citizens. It matters not at all what one contributed in the past.


I have seen this story several times and always have the same thought.
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