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Gender: Female
Member since: Fri Nov 26, 2004, 05:56 AM
Number of posts: 32,551

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senate hearing on AI (OpenAI CEO Testifies on Artificial Intelligence)

OpenAI CEO Testifies on Artificial Intelligence
OpenAI CEO Sam Altman, whose company created the ChatGPT and DALL-E text and image generation tools, was one of three artificial intelligence experts who testified on oversight of the swiftly developing technology at a Senate Judiciary subcommittee hearing. They were questioned about the state of AI development and some of the concerns its usage had, especially regarding the job market and the spread of election disinformation. Afterward, Senator Richard Blumenthal (D-CT), the subcommittee’s chair, talked to reporters about potential steps to regulate AI at the federal level. close


reveal: the covid tracking project in 3 parts -- recommended

my daughter was telling me she heard part two on the radio recently and was filling me in a bit. she didn't know the name of the show, the series, etc. she thought it was from npr, she told me how the cdc had insisted this woman get a form notarized before she was allowed access to a database, etc and in my daughter's take, how the cdc was fucking this up from the get-go.

i managed to find it just by googling and including the word "notarized" in the search.

i'm listening to the second part now, and i'll go back and listen to parts 1 and 3 later.

i'm having a bit of an "oh my god" reaction to this; at 29 minutes in i put my head in my hands and thought i was going to start crying. then i decided to turn it off for a few minutes and post this.

it is definitely worth a listen


The COVID Tracking Project Part 1
In February 2020, reporters Rob Meyer and Alexis Madrigal from The Atlantic were trying to find solid data about the rising pandemic. They published a story that revealed a scary truth: The U.S. didn’t know where COVID-19 was spreading because few tests were available. The CDC also didn’t have public data to tell citizens or federal agencies how many people were infected or where the outbreaks were happening.

The COVID Tracking Project Part 2
In March 2020, White House Coronavirus Task Force coordinator Dr. Deborah Birx had a daunting task for technologist Amy Gleason, a new member of her data team. Her job was to figure out where people were testing positive for COVID-19 across the country, how many were in hospitals and how many had died from the disease. Gleason was shocked to find that data from the CDC wasn’t reflecting the immediate impact of the coronavirus.

The COVID Tracking Project Part 3
The COVID Tracking Project closes with a look at racial disparities in deaths from the disease and what the CDC has learned. Jessica Malaty Rivera talks with the current CDC director, Dr. Rochelle Walensky, to try to understand what went wrong in the agency’s response to the pandemic – and ask whether it’s prepared for the next one.


death cab for cutie -- pepper

Jan. 6 Select Committee Documents


found this from a tweet:

lawfareblog is posting all Jan. 6 Committee documents as quickly as we can acquire them. The page is updated continually as documents get released.
All released committee docs are available here:

(on edit)
the final report
845 pages

(maybe some light reading over the holidays or while we navigate thru this cold spell)

before the musk takeover PART 3: people posting their favorite tweets (dial up warning)

before the musk takeover PART 2: people posting their favorite tweets (dial up warning)

before the musk takeover PART 1: people posting their favorite tweets (dial up warning)


i worry about the little kids who are completely


i worry about my grandbaby. i wear a mask around her constantly--even when we go for a stroller walk outside. she's over a year old now and i've never kissed her.

and i miss kissing my daughter--we used to kiss goodbye fairly often when parting company. but not since early march 2020.

when i was a kid it was get to bed early, santa's coming

as i got older (teenager) we decided to open presents on christmas eve, tho we usually saved a little one or two things for each other to open on xmas.
my mom began putting a xmas card for me on the tree branches on xmas eve to be opened in the morning. i started doing it for my parents, and then my daughter.

with my daughter, presents were back to being opened on christmas morning.
when she got older i tried to talk her into opening them the night before but she wasn't crazy about that.

sometimes i'd go to church with my dad on xmas eve or xmas day.
my mom never went.

xmas eve was snacky food afternoon & a nice dinner.
christmas day was the formal dinner. or we'd go to my cousins for the formal dinner.

i miss those years/times. my daughter, SIL & granddaughter live nearby--i'm going over there tomorrow & they stopped by tonight for a few minutes.

my dad died nearly 33 years ago. my mom's been gone for 12. i miss both of my parents. but i I*really* miss my mom.

my grandma

back in the day, even before the "great" depression
she had two children
the family was poor, life was hard
it was self induced
she did not die--thankfully
she later had two more kids (my mom being one of them)
we had the conversation at the kitchen table one summer afternoon
it was the summer after the supreme court ruled on roe
i was 14

(there was a lot to our conversation that i won't get into. she was glad it was finally legal.)

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