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Member since: Thu Mar 3, 2016, 03:19 PM
Number of posts: 745

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POLL: 7 In 10 Americans Believe Economy Is Rigged

Trump Illegally Fundraising From Foreign Governments - Lol

What an idiot.

Black Lives Matter leader: Dem convention protests possible

A leader of the Black Lives Matter movement said activists may protest the Democratic platform at the party's national convention in Philadelphia next month.

"There are two things that I'm mindful of: One is that I've not seen a draft or a final version of the platform from the Democratic convention committee, and I think that will have a big bearing on how people mobilize," DeRay Mckesson said, according to USA Today.
"The second is that Congress just sat in [over gun policy reform], so it'll be interesting to see how the [Democratic National Committee] DNC responds to people in protest, given that congressmen literally just sat in and they seemed to validate that."

Mckesson said he has concerns about presumptive Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton's commitment to criminal justice and other issues.

But he noted he doesn't think the presidential election is one between the lesser of two evils.

"I think that this is an election potentially between a candidate that people are rightfully really concerned about and a candidate that is evil," he told USA Today, noting that he sees presumptive GOP nominee Donald Trump as the "evil" candidate.

When he met with Clinton, Mckesson said he warned her she may be "underestimating how many people plan to sit this out because they are disillusioned."

"And if the DNC and if Hillary's camp don't help people see her as a real choice, despite their misgivings about her, I think this will be more of an uphill battle than it already is," he said.

He predicted protests around issues such as a $15 minimum wage, criminal justice reform and community oversight of police departments if the Democratic platform doesn't address these topics.

"What's real about Hillary is she will not be able to govern without a coalition of people of color," he said.

"She won't be able to get elected without black people or Latinos. She won't be able to govern without them. It is unfortunate that it took so much pressure for the platform to be responsive to those communities.


That's silly, what's this?

Oh look, here's some Rass polls used against Bernie by Hillary supporters:

Here's some posts by you (William769) all the way back to 2007 and newer where you have no problem partaking in discussing Rass polls, not mentioning that they are garbage of a sort.

Here's one from 2007 where you (William769) implicity recommend a post using Rasmussen:
that leads here:
Where it is cited the "torturous" 5 day a week daily tracking polls - showing why Obama isn't going to win and that Hillary had a 11pt lead (Rassmussen poll)... oops.

Funny how people are willing to quote "bad polls" when it favors their views; tear them down when they don't like the results. In fact, overall, it looks like your dislike for Rassmussen starts in 2016.

Just sayin'

I like how she says "if you're running for President..."

"...you should say what you wanna do and how you will get it done." (@ 42:55+)

That's all well and good but I've listened to this entire speech (and others) and have yet to hear how any of this gets done. Just saying. Would be nice to have some specifics. I found the whole thing quite contrived and unnatural, IMO. Story after story, not a lot of substance.

She says "No to TTP" at 36 mins in, which is a hard pill to swallow IMO.

Clinton Delegate Beats Sanders Supporter With Cane (VIDEO)

Security Disabled On Hillary’s Email Servers

Wall Street Threatens Clinton Over Warren

Cenk makes some great points here.. required watching materials...

TJDS - Hillary Camp Using Insults & Name-Calling To Win Over Bernie Supporters

Are you people listening?

I fully agree..

and the people who say this site is not for 'denigrating' the party... you're wrong.. this site has been a safe haven for reasonable thought, blanket prohibition on criticism (regardless of affiliation) has never been the M.O. of DU, IMO.
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