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piddyprints's Journal
piddyprints's Journal
September 14, 2023

OK, please don't scold me...

I hate FaceBook and don't generally use it. But right now I have to sell some things. I've bought some nice things locally from their Marketplace and thought maybe I could sell my stuff there. It seems like a much nicer listing than eBay or Craig's List, and it's easy for buyers to look at just local stuff.

So here's my question: I have 5 listings that I put up just a few hours ago. They've gotten 1, 2, 5, 6, and 9 clicks. But no messages. Are clicks good? I mean, someone's looking. But does it take a lot of clicks to make the sale? Maybe I need to lower the price if the clicks go up but no one sends a message?

I'm very, very green at such things.


August 30, 2023

I got my 2nd Shingrix vax yesterday morning.

First one was 2 months ago and all I got was a very mild sore arm.

I felt fine yesterday, not even a sore arm. I went to sleep at my normal time. Then, I woke up at 2:12am hurting everywhere and feeling like a death warmed over. Couldn't get back to sleep because I felt so rotten. So I watched videos and sipped water until time to get up.

The nurse told me whatever happens will only last for 24 hours. Hopefully she's right. I have a house guest coming on Friday and need to get some stuff done. Guess it will have to wait.

Husband got his at the same time and is fine today. But it had been a lot longer since his first one. I wonder if that makes a difference.

In any case, I'm glad we're both protected now!

August 6, 2023

I blame the media.

Seriously, that lying sack of shit lawyer wouldn’t have a platform to spew his fantasies if they didn’t schedule him on every single program all weekend long! How is he not tainting the jury pool, poisoning the well, all that stuff? I know that’s his intention, but why is he given free airtime to do it? THIS is how we got stuck with the mess we have now.

July 3, 2023

John Pavlovitz: July 4th: Mourning the America We Could Have Had

July 4th is a white nationalist high holiday and Republicans know this. They know that in addition to marking the birth of our nation and the foundations of our Constitution (which clearly are of little interest to them) it is so much else: it is a valuable commodity, something to be packaged and sold […]


June 29, 2023

I got my first shingles vaccination yesterday.

I've been wanting it for several months, but my doc wanted my immune system to settle down after all the Covid vaccinations. Then I had houseguests and she said to wait until they're gone.

Monday afternoon, I got a text from Walmart telling me that I should get one. Nice reminder! So I scheduled and got it yesterday morning. Wahoo! The nurse was so nice and talked me through my anxiety, kept an eye on my pulse, eyes, and color, and let me sit behind the screen until I was sure all was well. And it cost me nothing... I guess because I'm on Medicare?

My arm is a little sore, but really nothing to write home about. I'm a little fatigued today, which could just as well be because of the poor air quality and not being able to go outside to do normal things. Still, not bad.

I've heard the second one is much worse, but I've set a date on my calendar to remind me. One down, one to go!

April 7, 2023

The Blackburn Report

I just saw this in my email… even though I have requested over and over again to be taken off the list:

Once again, we see two tiers of justice at work. Make no mistake: if the former President’s name were anything but ‘Trump,’ he would not be facing these charges. After Hillary Clinton violated federal election law when she covered up how her campaign spent thousands of dollars to secretly spy on President Trump, she was handed a slap on the wrist. President Trump’s arraignment is a gross abuse of power by a blue state government to fabricate the outcome they’ve wanted since 2015. They have thrown the rule of law out the window at the expense of American democracy. It’s unprecedented, unnerving, and un-American.

What a vapid piece of shirt. She’s right that there are two tiers of justice, but she’s wrong about how it works. If any other person in the country had done what TFG has done, they’d have been behind bars years ago. She also forgets how many years were spent investigating Hillary, only to come up with a nothing burger. I think I’m going to puke. If you write to her, you’ll get a form letter back, thanking you for taking the time, blah blah blah.

I am so fed up with Tennessee, Republicans, fascism, and all the other shit going on, not to mention the brainless idiots who buy this rot.

April 2, 2023

We lost our Weeping Willow tree last night.

This spring has been the windiest spring we've had since we moved here in 2006. I don't mean a little windier, either. We have just about everything on the porches tied down, which we never had to do before.

Yesterday was intolerable for me and the horse. She doesn't eat on windy days and I can't even stand to hear the wind. If I go out in it, I get dizzy. It was that bad. But we had escaped the worst. Our daughter lives an hour north of us and called to tell me yesterday evening that there were trees down everywhere and roof shingles on the ground.

It's not windy now, but it's still cold. We notice a while ago that our Weeping Willow tree is down. We planted it in 2009 and it was so young that we had to give it "training wheels" (tree stakes) to hold it up for the first few years. It grew into a huge stately tree. And all it took to bring it down was a windy night. It brought a huge clump of sod with it and I have no idea how we're going to clean it all up. We don't have a tractor or any farm equipment.

I'm truly frightened that this is just a taste of things to come. The weather seems to be more unpredictable every year, almost as if Mother Nature is fighting back. Is this, and worse, what's in store for us as we try our best to kill the planet?

March 21, 2023

403 forbidden?

Getting this on my phone, 2 different browsers. Somehow I’m able to get on with iPad. What’s going on?

February 10, 2023

Who needs a heart?

I have 10 to give. Some people have rows and rows, some have a few, and the ones who have none are being very shy about it. Reply to this post and I'll give you one.

No takers on this thread. Someone did pm me, but I've only been able to give 2 hearts so far. If you know anyone who needs one, please let me know. Otherwise, I'll just randomly give them out. I am happy that people are being so generous and there are so few people in need of a heart. I can say it made my day to get one!

October 20, 2022

Why do I keep getting logged off?

I check “keep me logged in” or whatever the exact words are, on my phone, iPad, and computer. No one else ever uses them. But every few days, I am logged off some or all of them. What good is that checkbox if it ignores the check?

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