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Current location: Coastal Washington
Member since: Sun Jun 19, 2011, 03:24 AM
Number of posts: 3,244

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David Letterman, at his BEST. *That's My Time*

If you miss watching Dave, when he was at his seasoned best - then “That’s My Time with David Letterman” on Netflix is for you.

His new series brings more comedy than the interview-focused “My Next Guest”. Delivering a monologue in his trademark style, he brings funny, relevant punch to current topics. He looks fit, he sounds great, his love for the craft and the audience is evident.

Each episode’s featured comic interviews with Dave after a short set, and the whole episode feels like a fantastic first segment of a great show. Classic Dave - relevant, smart, funny.

You can almost hear Paul Shaffer and the band playing into commercial.

I'm confused by people who are offended by swear words.

(in response to a now-deleted thread about cursing)

Words are just universally agreed-upon sounds that convey concepts. I don’t understand being offended by sounds. I DO understand being offended by the concepts conveyed by those sounds. Personally, I’m a huge fan of both fucking and shitting. Not sure how those concepts are offensive. I’m offended by the concepts conveyed by words like “murder”, “rape”, “misogyny”… but I don’t lose my shit when I hear those words.

In my experience, everyone who has ever tried to make me quit swearing by making me look small for using “swear words”, has been a self-righteous fucker, with a pathetic need for attention.

Give him a treat, damnit!

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