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Member since: 2001
Number of posts: 25,053

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Those who weren't political before

I had friends who weren't politically involved who creamed over Bernie...like they'd never heard what he spewed before. Could never wrap myself around him. He was never vetted. Still resent him

OH yeah?

Love to hear that from FBI who has to have had interviewed her along with Bernie, Tom H by now.

She would be great and healing

For the majority of the country who actually voted for her. No one talks about the fact that she won and in the face of negative media, Russia and huge amounts of NRA/Russian money,

Joe Watkins

I haven't posted here in a long time...prob before Obama took office, since I was a Hillary supporter. Now I wonder how many Russian trolls were on this site. Listened to Joe Watkins on MSNBC today. I can almost forgive white men spouting the Rethug/NRA/Russian lines but not black men. Okay, I'm prejudiced. I think black men should be more real. Joe Watkins swallowed the Kool-Aid and took all the money offered by whomever. What a waste of a person.

Haven't been here in forever

Joe Watkins brought me back. What a waste of a smart black man, colluding with NRA paid Republicans on MSNBC.

I never forgot

First large political event for me that turned me into an activist and started me blogging.
Would never vote for Biden.

Thank you

I sense a lot of Bernie supporters are passionate about what he is saying but actually anyone can be saying the same thing. it's not about him. And I think there are Republican trolls who would love Dems fight and lose the election. There are lots of issues in the future to agree together on. Get it together.

Electing a U.S. president

This is a point that shouldn't have to be written but this election season it seems unsaid. Electing a President isn't like calling or texting in a choice for American Idol or Dancing with the Stars. A candidate should have experience in political office, knows how American democracy works, the rules of diplomacy, world history and culture and have a respect for all Americans while working patiently with others for better lives for all.
This election season is looney because of Trump and the number of Republicans( and why are they all running?)
I think things will sort themselves out but shake my head at an electorate wanting the person who says the simple things; racist, divisive, anti-American etc.

This venue saved my sanity

I hope I gave as good as I got then too.

Few Cosby posts on DU

Unbelievable. The revealed facts from hard work by a reporter of his admission he intentionally used drugs to have many unconscious women for him to rape, sodomize, whatever and There isn't more reaction or prompts for his arrest is unconscionable. I don't care if he invented electricity which at least would have improved lives. The fact that he's still hiding these crimes makes him the worst kind of human being. People defending him are indefensible in my eyes. Whoopie et al is in such a hideous denial.
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