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retrowire's Journal
retrowire's Journal
July 15, 2017

A final thank you for your help with the abandoned puppies from a few months ago!

In January of this year, we were tasked with the rescue of two puppies that were abandoned alongside a dirt country road.

It was a task that we were financially unsuited for, but knew we had to endure either way. The Democratic Underground had come to our family's aid before when we needed to keep our in-law's electricity going during the winter, so we turned to DU again for these puppies.

No doubt, you all came through at that time of need. https://www.youcaring.com/twostraypuppies-739496

Of course you gave. AND OF COURSE YOU SURPASSED the requested amount. We posted the veterinary fees to show what was needed medically. We explained what future expenses would look like and you came through.

Thank you. From the bottom of our hearts!

Because, today I come to you with good news. Blue, the black and white dog with one blue eye and one brown eye, has finally been given to her forever home! She has a MUCH larger fenced in backyard. She has an older buddy that GUESS WHAT, has the exact blue eye, brown eye combo that she does, and she's got an owner that will not only give her the love that she deserves but, the new owner happens to be in our family! So, we'll still get to see her from time to time!

The new owner, my wife's aunt has also covered ALL further expenses that the charity did not cover. That means, ALL the food we ever bought for her, all the toys, all the extended medical treatment regarding her cherry eye and finally, the cherry eye removal surgery and spaying themselves! Here's Blue, 2 days after the surgery!

Blue is now set for life! But we couldn't have done it without the initial help of DU, so again, thank you so much! I just wanted to give everyone the final conclusion to this story.

P.S. And to those who never caught word of what happened to the other puppy, Hunter, he was given to his forever home about a month after rescue. The family was very nice and grateful for their new family member and in fact, Hunter was given to the daughter as a Valentines Day gift.

July 14, 2017

Is he being impeached yet???

*taps foot, checks watch*

July 13, 2017

In 15 days, my art blog shall die.

I gave it a shot!

My art blog was a passion project that was part art therapy for myself and part experimentation with whether or not my work could be considered worthwhile to others.

But, it has languished. I never received any mail from it. The traffic only spiked whenever I posted it up on here or elsewhere. There's no following. I couldn't foster one.

So I guess this is it. I'm probably going to let it die. I'll find another way to express myself.

If anyone is interested in looking at it, you've got 15 days before it goes offline.

Thanks also to all those who supported the idea in the beginning! It means a lot that anyone cared!


July 11, 2017

If Russia were a predominantly a nation of people that weren't white

The GOP and its members would actually have a problem with this.


Imagine if North Korea did it.

Imagine if Saudi Arabia did it.

You think trumpsters would be all "they're our friend!"?

I honestly don't think I'm wrong here. They'll jerk a knee over anything else, BUT WHY NOT RUSSIA?

July 11, 2017

So if the timeline regarding Russia is solid...

Would this mean they only helped him with the general election?

Would this confirm that, hilariously enough, he won the Republican primary authentically? This proving absolutely that the GOP base is nuts?

What do you make of it?

July 7, 2017

Question submitted by retrowire

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July 7, 2017

Dion can go fuck himself!


Let me start this off by saying I fucking LOVE OLDIES MUSIC. 50's, 40's, 60's, you name it.

But Dion, the guy who sang the Wanderer is suing Zenimax for using his song over the images of Fallout 4 which he finds "morally repugnant".

Dion, you can state your song is about the isolation of a young man coming of age but dude... Your song is about a playa. It's parallel to music of this generation about sleeping around with all the girls.

Here's his description of the song FTA:

In The Wanderer, Dion gives life to the story of a sad young man who wanders from town to town, not having found himself or the capacity for an enduring relationship. The song describes isolation during coming of age.

And here's the lyrics from the fuckin' song:
Oh well, I'm the type of guy who will never settle down
Where pretty girls are, well you know that I'm around
I kiss 'em and I love 'em cause to me they're all the same
I hug 'em and I squeeze 'em they don't even know my name

They call me the wanderer
Yeah, the wanderer
I roam around, around, around

Damn. Dat morality tho. The girls don't even know the damn guy and he's huggin' and squeezin' and all kinds a shit. Did Trump write this? Let's go on.

Oh well, there's Flo on my left and then there's Mary on my right
And Janie is the girl well that I’ll be with tonight
And when she asks me, which one I love the best?
I tear open my shirt and I show "Rosie" on my chest

God damn that's cold. But wait a second. I thought Dion said this was the sad tale of an isolated teen. Seems to me like he's got all kinds of friends. Huh.
Oh well, I roam from town to town
I go through life without a care
And I'm as happy as a clown
I with my two fists of iron but I'm going nowhere

Happy as a clown. Goin' through life without a care. Such sadness and isolation. FINAL VERSE!
Oh yeah, I'm the type of guy that likes to roam around
I'm never in one place, I roam from town to town
And when I find myself a-fallin' for some girl
I hop right into that car of mine and drive around the world

So like, if a girl starts to fall for him, then he hops his sad and isolated ass in a car and gets outta town?

Dion. Shut your old ass up. Your sleazy ass song is just fine playing alongside a retro futuristic wasteland filled with murder. It's not some holier than thou sad song.

Sorry, I think I'm most bugged by the fact that the artist is trying to play the song off like something morally superior to what it's actually about. Just like, get over yourself man, the song is catchy, but it's not a fuckin' sad tale of adolescence and coming of age. You're just trying to claim high ground while you sue a company and attempt to make some final dough.
July 7, 2017

Mood of the day: angry

So angry. Just angry. Just mad. Just angry

July 6, 2017

An interesting perspective that I overheard on the SYSK Stoicism podcast the other day

I forgot who said it but I believe it was Josh that mused along the lines that, Stoicism, being this philosophy of taking the good with the bad in equal measure and not getting worked up over your lot in life was certainly utilized in many religions...

And he said this, I'm paraphrasing here... "No, worker. Don't worry about all of your suffering here! YOUR treasure is waiting in the afterlife! So don't worry about improving things here. Take the good with the bad"

He was referring to the idea that religion is used as an ideological tool of suppression against the workers while the wealthy at the top can pretend to adhere to the suffering of Stoicism as well.

I always knew religion was a tool to control, but this idea that we should keep our heads down and just work and shutup because our reward is in the afterlife is a new perspective to me.

To the gamers in here... The cake is a lie. That phrase has new meaning.

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