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Member since: Sat Feb 16, 2019, 03:14 PM
Number of posts: 11

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#Humpty-Trumpty wanted a wall.
Mexico, he said, would pay for it all.
You friend, and I now foot the bill,
For this hyped-up monument desired by the conservatives’ shill.

#Humpty-Trumpty said, “I’ll make the USA great.”
So through insults, un-truths, and tweets, he spread the hate.
Criminals, MS-13, illegal immigrants WE should fear. . .
Though, they make great, loyal employees at Trump properties near here!

#Humpty-Trumpty wanted 2000 miles of wall.
Offered less, the “Art of the Deal” author wouldn’t play ball.
A government shutdown, security screenings got hairy . . .
Trumpty signed the law for a mere 55 (miles), to pay for the rest he’ll rob the military.

#Humpty-Trumpty now has some wall.
A photo-op for 2020 beckons to call.
Trumpty in hard hat, the “builder” of things!
“Look what I did!”, Constitution be damned. President ?, NO !, “I want to be king!”

rinopa 16 Feb 2019

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