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Member since: Sun Feb 20, 2005, 03:13 PM
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Question: Protest signs at inaugural

Or inaugurinal as I've taken to calling it.

I'm part of a group going down on Friday (we'll be at the Women's March on Saturday as well). I know there are protests with permits and specific locations planned during the inaugural, but we were wondering if anyone knows if signs will be allowed into the ticketed areas. We have tickets for North Standing, courtesy of a congressman who is now not attending .

I've gone to inaugurals in the past to protest, but have not had tickets, so I wasn't sure how it works.

Anyone know, or have thoughts on it? I've spoken to the group about other ways to protest if signs are forbidden, though some may peel off and join formal protests in the area instead of going into the ticketed area.

Thanks in advance!

(Wow, over 10 years here, and this is the first discussion thread I've started. Sign o' the times, I guess!)

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