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Member since: 2003 before July 6th
Number of posts: 475

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I wonder

Who gave Trump his marching orders to come out with his spiel this a.m....

What was the maker share of

The State of the union last night.

I know that it was broadcast on every network and the cable news channels, but has anyone got the aggregate number.

I think that Trump should be referred to as

the "Republican President" much as the thugs use democrat in lieu of democratic. This would reinforce the idea that each and every republican is personally responsible for this hot mess in the oval office.

I want to start a pool

for the date that the Orange menace dons his own little military uniform. You know he is c in c. He is coming out more and more as is true self (a goose stepping fascist overlord). It is just a matter of time until he shows up with a chest full of medals and a riding crop.

But in lieu of comparing him to Hitler , he reminds me of uncle Joe- Stalin that is!😈

I have a question ,basic but required.

When are the primary elections being held this year in NC?

I am ashamed to ask this .You see I worked as a precinct aide when my health allowed. However since my surgery the memory files have become a little scrambled.

I wonder what whatisname

You know the VP six pence or whatever his name is. have'nt heard a peep or amen out of him in weeks.
You know the msm has been giving him a door to hide behind for weeks now.
I personally get nervous when a fellow of such high moral character isn't heard from.
I wonder if he's workin on a super secret mish for Drumpster or if hes takin a few off to go way down south and catch up on his pedophilic urges. You know how those religious pols go.

sarcasm alert for those literal enough to take me literally

I have a ? as to UA re Dr. Dao

or maybe it is a general question.
Any way, Do the arbitration clauses that are all the rage in corp world force a person to agree to the outcome of the process? IOW can a person still pursue litigation if not satisfied with the settlement .

Is the real reason that the Trump camp is spinning the

birther issue to lure the main streamers away from the Fla.bribery story. I have noticed that when a report begins to get some real traction, the Trump camp will turn up the atrociousness of The Trumps comments.
In fact all the media types need do is to stick with one or two disastrous memes and down his house of twigs will burn. to mix a metaphor or two

I have a idea to run up the flag pole.

Why can't we force all ammunition manufacturers to embed a rfid chip into each bullet made?.

We could set up rfid scanners into any gun free zone to set off alarms and begin lock down .

I can't see how this would violate any one's right to bear. I am thinking of the tracers included in explosives to track them.

The protection element of this idea would require the chip to broadcast before firing.

For those unaware rfid means radio frequency identification.
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