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Member since: Sun Jul 23, 2017, 05:57 PM
Number of posts: 1,668

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The body in the box

A man has a newsstand selling newspapers and magazines. Every day a gentleman walks up and buys the daily paper, looks at the front page and throws in the trash can. Finally after this goes on for a long time the man ask "why he buys it and throws it away".
The gentleman responds "for the obits".
Looking puzzled he says "but obituaries are in the back."
The gentleman calls back "this one will be on the front page."

I'm waiting for the body in the box picture too, could be soon.

What I want to know is if the TFG corporation is indicted

will the banks that hold his loans call them in? And will the corporation have to sell properties at a lose?

it is the republicannazi party

Time to call it what it is FASCISM

30 hours to go

then it will all go away
like it never happened
just like bush never happened

did republicons just kill god?

or did god just change his mind on dump?

there is your Oct surprise Mr President

stock market crash

let's not forget the taxes

he needs to step down, people need to go to him and convince he to go
We cannot have a President with a half billion dollars in debit or more to who knows who.

I hope Biden uses the old line from Reagan

"there he goes again" for every lie and personal attack that we know dump will take
and I hope he is on his facts and points out the lies since Wallace said he would not

I got a new name for the Washington football team ....The Groundhogs

"Hogs" for short

Who is responsible when wrong information is put out to people?

Does it now fall on us to check everything for ourselves if we could even do that.
Is facebook responsible when inaccurate information is put out on their wire?
How about faux news? The evening news? Senators? Governors? Government workers?
Who will take responsibility? People are dying because they got bad information and continue to believe fake news, real false news. This has to stop.
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