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Member since: Thu May 22, 2008, 05:52 PM
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rabbit sprays his urine

We adopted a stray rabbit about a month ago. We had a rabbit before who lived to be 11 which I understand is somewhat unusual. That rabbit, Oreo, had two operations for kidney stones which set us back $6000. Never mind, it was money well spent. The new member of our band gets along well with our cat and dog, and better yet, they get along with him. Here's the problem, sometimes when we get near him he'll run around and spray urine all over the place. My wife is not happy. I guess I'm not thrilled either because he's gotten my suit pants, my robe etc. several times. While it is kind of a drag, when you consider what's going on in the world today, it is of little consequence to me. When you gotta go you gotta go. I have a couple of questions for anybody out there who might know. Will he always be doing this? Is there any way to stop it or should we just consider this part of his character? Why does he do this? Is he making a revolutionary statement? We feed him timothy hay pellets. I give him carrots and pieces of banana. We got him a really nice hutch and we keep indoors. We have a large lanai and I let him out to run around etc. just about everyday since the weather here is usually very nice. The only problem with him being on the lanai is that he craps and pees everywhere. It looks like somebody dropped a bunch a capers. The carpet seems to be dissolving where he pees. Does this sound normal or what? My wife is telling my son and me that we can't have him out there for that reason. (We ignore her, of course, because he needs to run around. Anybody have any suggestions on how to potty train him or know of any way to keep the carpeting from dissolving? Is there a way to stop him from emptying his bladder when we first come up to him? My wife really likes him but this has become an issue. I understand it and tell her that I do (although in the end, it's really no big deal to me).Other than that, life is good. Help???
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