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Member since: 2003 before July 6th
Number of posts: 939

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Does anyone think China will go into Taiwan if Russia goes into Ukraine?

Look at this BS from Wisconsin.

Along with discussing allowing 18-year-old's to carry guns on school property, they got a judge to stop 7 workers from leaving one hospital to go and work at another hospital for better pay and working conditions. Besides Florida and Texas, Wisconsin has to have the worse of the worse when it comes to republicans.


So Newt Gingrich says Garland and committee could go to jail.

If the Republicans take control in Nov. Gingrich says that Garland and the Jan 6th committee could go to jail for " running over peoples civil liberties." Your time is over Newt.


This cannot be allowed to happen.

It appears that there are republicans who are running for office that have signed those fake electoral papers that declared Trump the winner. https://www.alternet.org/2022/01/fake-electors-2656425967/

I think this is why they would vote for Trump again.

The reason they voted for Trump in the first place was that just like Jeb Bush, there was no way another Clinton was going to be elected again. There are a few reasons that the people would vote for Trump again is they vote republican regardless of who it is just so there is an R behind the name. These are the lazy people. The others fall under the categories of I wish I could act like him but I was not raised that way so they live through Trump. And then are the extremists who act out because they think that is what their leader would approve of and he would not stop them from showing their power. All these people I would bet, believe that if Trump becomes a dictator when elected again, that he will take care of them because they supported and voted for him. They will also be the same people when Trump throws them away after they helped get him elected, will say " I did not see that coming." Too late, you stupid people. You gave our country away because you drank the Koolade.

Malania is auctioning a hat and art work.

I think it was the Trump family that complained about Hunter Biden selling his paintings. She did say part of the proceeds were going to one of her charities. When it was asked of some of her handlers how much of the proceeds would go to charity, they did not respond. So I guess this is ok because it is Trump doing it.

Made myself watch Fox and Idiots this morning for two hours.

I was wondering if they would say anything about the Jan. 6th committee or the text messages or the people caught up in this. Nothing. Not one word about any of that. So much for their claim of being fair and balanced. This is what their Fox diehards love. They got them to believe that if Fox does not talk about it, it`s not true.

If this is true then why do we let the republicans get away with blaming Biden?

Just wondering if anyone knew anything more about this? If it is true then those people who did not do what they were told to do are at fault for our service members dying. They told them repeatedly to get out. FOX has been blaming Biden for the deaths. Where is our media? They should be repeating this on every nightly newscast for a month. https://www.mediaite.com/news/top-state-department-diplomat-blames-americans-left-in-afghanistan-we-put-out-repeated-warnings-to-leave/?fbclid=IwAR0GglZ65WM_4n4cXPjJXcG352tgZeu8fzrXxE0tx8FfRz6w5wAxiB-mgME

The democrats in DC has to get off their collective asses.

I will give you one example. The capital riot was on Jan 6th. Pols did not get going on a committee and seat it until around Aug 18. They had ONE meeting and then went on a seven-week vacation. Why was all this time wasted when they know 22 is coming fast and if the House is lost, so in the investigation. All the while the republicans have been going crazy all over the country from new voting laws, abortion, and now we know where the supreme court will be. We have two rogue congress people that are hell-bent on stopping anything we want to do. What have we heard through all of this from the Democratic leaders? Crickets. If leadership does not start to show some balls on issues then we will lose everything in 22 and the WH in 24.

Pelosi just announced a committee on the capitol Riot.

I think she made a huge mistake when a question was asked about a timeline. She said the republicans will have all the time they need to investigate this. The republicans have been given that leeway will not be anywhere near being done by the 2022 election and maybe the 2024 election.
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