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Member since: Tue Oct 13, 2009, 08:36 AM
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This country is fucked up

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Remember how you felt?


I still get goosebumps to this day when I hear that song or see that video.

My daughter was there in person, I was watching it on TV and I felt something I have never felt before. I didn't really start following politics till 2000, so I missed out on the feeling that I might have got with Bill Clinton.

We nominated and got elected a president that appealed to the heart of people. With hope. With change.

Has he been perfect? Of course not. Has he had to compromise on things we wish he wouldn't compromise on? Of course.
But he's been pretty freaking great for us and for our country.

Healthcare, economy, wars, taxes, civil rights, middle class....he's pretty much been with us. Much more so than the alternative would have been.

I feel safer, I sleep better, I stress less.

I'm thankful for President Obama.

Just wanted to share, heard that song on shuffle while doing yard work.

Christopher Martinez died because of the NRA

Victim of Elliot Rodger mass murder.
Just saw on CNN a spokesman for the family of Christopher Martinez really laid into the NRA. Called them out by name.
And the politicians who are in the pocket of the NRA.
Powerful press conference. I can't find a link to it right now.

7 MILLION - Happy Dance

It's not single-payer, it's not perfect, but it hit seven fucking million enrollees through the exchanges.
Screw you Republicans.

Add in the number that enrolled outside of the exchanges, the number who got coverage through Medicaid expansion, and the number of young people's added to their parents policy, and we made a huge difference.

Thank God for our president.

We voted.

Early voting in Hendricks county. I am going to be a democratic judge on Election Day, so I needed to do it early.
Felt GREAT to cast my vote again for Obama, Donnelly and Gregg.
I have no illusion that the president will win Indiana again, but fuck Mourdock, he CAN be beat.
Fired up!!! Ready to go!!

Crazy congressional caucus.

I dream of an American that defeats Cantor, bachmann and Ryan this November. I doubt if any of the three will lose, but I'm making a meager donation today to all 3 challengers.

Oh yeah, as a Hoosier I shudder to think what a mike pence gubernatorial reign will do, so I'm sending a few buck today to John Gregg. If I had to add three more jackwads to lose it would be Allen west, boehner and Steve king. And oh yeah Louis Gommert, joe Wilson and Joe Walsh is another unholy trinity.

Okay.....that's my crazy congressional congress caucus.

Who would you add?
Who has a chance to get defeated?
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