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Member since: Wed Sep 21, 2016, 09:43 PM
Number of posts: 2,407

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I hate you, you shrieking orange peice of shit

As the orange bastard brayed in New Hampshire.

You're already tanking the economy. You're destroying the country just like everything you've touched in your entire worthless life.

You can't scare me unless you win another fucking term. Die, you fucking shitbag.

Jesus Christ, media. Stop it already!

Every time Anus Mouth opens his yaw to vomit out some bullshit. Ignore it or better yet counteract it with the truth!

Hey, Tapper...

You're undermining all credibility by always having Frothy Santorum on your "panels."

Why do they keep saying Dump is losing his mind?

He's been a two-bit dumb fucking con artist the entire time. It's just now that he's stretched his massive orange ass over the entire media, people are more attuned to his nuances of stupidity.

Plus he can say or do whatever the fuck he wants.

MSNBC has some Log Cabin Republican on

Charles Moran -- "Moron," you mean? He's singing the praises of Dumpster as the most magnificent, LGBTQ-positive president in the world. What is wrong with these people? Dump supports everyone who battles against LGBTQ rights.

Bill Nye is talking about the impending death of the world

And Ari Melber says, "Wait, wait! I only have a few seconds left!" and fucking cuts him off.

Fuck you, media. You nasty, nasty bastards.

Chuckie Toad is back on his soap box

But I immediately changed channels. I refuse to listen to a moron with a bad haircut who was "shocked, shocked!" that people were calling Dumpster a racist.

Go over to Fox and you can sing duets with Donna Brazile, asshole.

God, the MAGATs don't get the immigration controversy

It's so easy to understand, but they're too busy playing "Dueling Banjos" to comprehend.

1. We are a nation of immigrants. That's how we became so prosperous in the first place. And we
stole the country from Native Americans, by the way.
2. "Brown" people aren't after our jobs. They do the labor that we're too hoity-toity to do, even the
3. Multiculturalism is essential. We are all on the same planet, after all.
4. MAGATs are getting nothing...they're suffering even worse but they're too jacked up on their
Orange Fuhrer to realize it.

Imagine if all of Dump's dreams came to fruition (which I dread). America would be nothing but fat assed rich white bastards, subservient women and...slaves. That's what he, Mitch McLipless and corporate America want. Middle-class slaves.

They must be stopped.

Stephanie Miller Keeps Playing Dump's ridiculous soliloquy

"I love trucks. I've always loved trucks. Sometimes you become president, but some things don't change..."

My God, what a moron.

Why the fuck are all these stupid fucking morons

Still jacking off over this hideous, bloated, ancient, phony, worthless piece of shit taking a Circus Peanut dump in the White House?

Asking for a friend...
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