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Member since: Wed Oct 9, 2013, 10:50 AM
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dealing with attention seeking behavior in others

rule 1: don't argue an emotional issue with logic. it can't be done so just don't. you will go nuts trying.

rule 2: if an issue can't be clearly defined and mapped in clear and verifiable terms, it's based on feelings and emotions. see rule 1.

rule 3: status seekers, in an attempt to feel connected to a specific group, will subvert their own biological and social imperatives in an attempt to short circuit normative social processes. it is a short term strategy that can never succeed. don't engage those that practice this self-destructive behavior.

rule 4: emotional issues aren't issues. they are feelings. feelings are a biochemical reward circuit that is either being withdrawn or stimulated and will cause seriously crazy (as an outhouse mouse) behavior and reactions. it's brain chemistry, nothing more.

rule 5: feelings can and often betray you and in understanding that, you can reflect on your choices better if you have the cognitive and emotional capacity to discern reality from feelings. if you can't, you are well and truly fucked and prone to manipulation. learn emotional control and the assessment of others ability to control their emotions. your survival may depend on it.

rule 6: when feelings become truth, the truth is irrelevant and ceases to exist. only the feelings and emotions exist.

as men, having emotions and "patriarchy" aren't the issue at all, its not getting drawn into emotional interchanges and exercising supreme emotional control over your actions that is key. as a taoist, i offer this quote:

“He who knows does not speak; he who speaks does not know.”
― Lao Tzu, Tao Te Ching

now that the capacity to disrupt globally has been proven, they will switch to wealth extraction

for a bit longer until they need to use what they learned. and what did it really cost them?

they made out like bandits.

In response to an interesting email I got after I posted here earlier....

I'd like to offer an observation.

A male display of aggression is NOT actual aggression. Likewise, how a female dresses (another display) neither is or isn't indicative of her actual promiscuity.

There is a wide difference. I remember a story like 3 months ago about a female Marine I think starting a fight and hitting a guy first. When he hit back she was paralyzed. Very sad.

The difference is that you need to understand male behavior before try and ape it. Men rarely actually fight. Men who can actually do damage hardly ever do. They give each other a wide birth because the costs are too high. The only men that ACTUALLY fight are usually fighting over a girl because they themselves are pretty low value. As men we intrinsically know this I think, but we allow a small minority of the interested define our behaviors AND our intentions.

Food for thought.

they have already picked the (our) bones clean and now they are grinding the public for fertilizer

it's how any conquering culture would act. it's smallpox in the blankets. you aren't supposed to believe that it has happened until it's too late.

it's too late.

our political system was broken on purpose, and on the world stage as an homage to our cultural devolution. if you are old, sick, poor or just generally at risk, your demographic strata has now been compressed, homogenized, and pushed down no matter how much you "fight" the powers that be. you can either pull your hand out of the pit bulls mouth and tear it up for certain, or shove it down deeper and choke it until it lets go.

what is old is new once again.

perhaps we can all get it right in the next iteration.

my view.

hi! new guy here and wow you guys seem to have a little gender war here.

been browsing and this was an interesting and very disturbing list of "abusive" behaiviors from a pinned thread.....elsewhere.

while some are common sense (hits you, belittles you) some of this is lunacy:


Some of my favorites:

"Withholds approval, appreciation or affection

Makes contradictory demands

Breaks dates and cancels plans without reason

Comes home at late hours refusing an explanation"

Its' like anything other that indentured servitude to your spouse is abuse now. Fuck that. Relationships are give and take.
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