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Member since: Thu Oct 10, 2019, 04:48 PM
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Terrorist threats today in Buffalo

Buffalo NPR news is reporting that several "credible" threats have been made to Buffalo businesses today. The threats specifically named which businesses and gave a time range of between 4:00 pm and 8:00 pm. The stores included two Tops locations and one Wal-Mart location as well as other businesses.

The threats say that Blacks will be the targets at those locations.

In a separate incident, yesterday, a man was arrested for making threats to a Buffalo pizza parlor and to a beer brewery. In his threats, he said that he would shoot the places up like Tops.

WTF is wrong with people?

Anti abortionists' contraception agenda

Today on NPR's All Things Considered, Adrian Florido interviewed Carol Tobias, president of the National Right to Life Committee. The program's title was, "After Roe v Wade, What's Next?"

Tobias said their next issue is contraception devices that cause abortion. Asked if they will push to make contraception illegal, Tobias said that their goal is to educate people on the issue.

In other words, contraception is their next target. Does anyone doubt that "educate people on it" means push propaganda that calls for criminalizing contraception?

I have seen threads here warning about this. Today we have it in their own words. The anti abortionists (aka right to life) have contraception next on their agenda.

Happy Easter.

Heard a sermon today that said this is a holiday of hope and love. So, even in the middle of national and world events that seem to be so discouraging, keep hope and love alive and don't forget that it still exists.

Stone age brain surgery

Interview with Ira Rutkow, a medical historian, on the history of surgery. He discussed evidence of stone age brain surgery and the history of surgery from ancient times through the Middle Ages into modern times.

The interview was on NPR's Fresh Air program.


Looking for advice and recipes for shepherd's pie.

Which is better to use, ground beef or stewing beef?

Which vegetables to include? Seasonings?

Indigenous forest management and fire control in California prior to European arrival

The indigenous tribes of California practiced forest management that not only aided them in creating pathways and habitats for preferred animals, but also prevented the kinds of large scale forest fires that occur with today's hands off natural approach.


Human life in Canada's Yukon Territory 24,000 years ago

The article describes the discovery of signs that human beings were hunting large game in Yukon 24,000 years ago. The evidence is still being interpreted and confirmed.


Please help me locate these flags for a Battle of the Flags

I admit that until recently I have paid little attention to the Flags of various countries. I knew only our own flag, of course, and the flags of Canada and the UK.

All of us now know the Ukrainian flag.

A neighbor who moved in across the hall from me about a year ago has had two identical criss-crossed flags on her door since moving in. I wondered what they were but since they are red, white, and blue, I thought they were meant to reflect the US colors.

I just discovered that they are the flag of effing Russia! A band of white on top, followed by a band of blue and then a band of red.

So I am looking for a US and a Ukranian flag of the same size to criss-cross on my door. The size is small, like a little child would carry.

EDIT UPDATE: I found that Wal-Mart carries both the US and Ukranian flags in the size I want.

Where can I get those flags in that size?

Ukraine no fly zone for nuclear plants?

I understand the reason for not having no fly zones in Ukraine. They would involve the US or NATO in direct war with Russia because enforcement would mean bringing down Russian planes and escalating the war beyond Ukraine. But, we can provide humanitarian aid in getting sick and wounded Ukranians out of the country for treatment to lessen the death toll. And private individuals can volunteer to fight in Ukraine.

But, after the Russian attack on a nuclear plant that nearly became a nuclear disaster that for rest of Europe, are we justified in providing air cover for Ukraine's nuclear power plants?

One objection is possible "mission drift" to other areas of Ukraine. But can we, or should we take the risk of another nuclear power plant disaster since either the Russian military is inept at best, or, at worst, they are instructed to do nuclear damage?

Trucker caravan planned for DC.

Dates for starting the convoy vary from late February to early March. They are putting on an image of simply opposing authoritarianism in government, which they say means mandates regarding masks and vaccinations.

But we know they are RW extremist Trump supporters who hope to disrupt the nation's business in DC and to challenge Biden on coping with it. After Ottawa and Jan 6, can we trust these people to act as peaceful protesters, or should we be wary of them arriving armed as they did in Canada?

I believe that they should never be allowed inside DC to wreak havoc and paralyze the city with trucks and threats to businesses, citizens, lawmakers, and government employees, both elected and non elected.

So how should they be stopped?

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