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Mon Mar 19, 2018, 07:44 PM

The root of divisiveness? The ultra right and Trump supporters ARE the division.

Case in point, it's the year 2018. Next year is going to be 2019. Next year is not going to be 1950 or if you're Roy Moore... 1860 which is when America was great even though there was "some slavery". There's an illusory version of some altered reality that only exists in their heads, when America was great, you know before the feminists, gays, transgender people, Muslims, or uppity black people with the gall of saying their lives matter.

I look at my calendar, it's 2018. My phone says it's 2018. I am enjoying antibiotics, electricity, and the proliferation of indoor plumbing; all products one can commonly find in the US in the year 2018. If I ask someone what year it is, they will tell me it is the year 2018. I can ask Siri what year it is, she will tell me it is 2018.

I can say, with a good degree of confidence that it is the year 2018.

And as far as I know, there is no way to compromise on that, no way to meet in the middle between 2018 and 1950/1860, no amount of historical revisionism will change that, there are people who are trying to remove the groups I mentioned above from the political discourse but it will still be the year 2018.

When it comes to this issue of a group trying to roll America back to some era that didn't really exist except through the perceptions of their rose-colored glasses, through confabulation of memories, and by the tales of their parents and what they were told what America was like before all "those people" came to be, then that will take eliminationism, voter suppression, removal from political life, repression, and possibly even genocide just to create some simulacra of this imaginary era, then this isn't a left vs right issue or a Democrat vs Republican issue... It's a right wing/Trump supporter vs time issue, it's a right wing/Trump supporter vs demographics issue, it's a right wing/Trump supporter vs human rights issue, and it's a right wing/Trump supporter vs reality issue.

Notice the common denominator here? It's time to call it out.

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