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Just dropping in from one of the parallel universes

And wow, you guys are messed up, but things are pretty weird in many of the "Normal" ones.

By the way - out of a sampling of 15 quadrillion universes, there are only three where Donald Trump is President of the United States, and he was removed from office in the other two. So yeah - sucks to live here.

But back to the last universe we visited...

Joe Nation

Can I Make Something Perfectly Clear About Blood Donations During The COVID-19 Crisis?


My son works for a blood donation center and apparently has had to tell large numbers of people that giving blood does not provide you with a COVID-19 test to see if you are infected. This myth was the same myth that went around during the AIDS Crisis. If someone walks in with a potential COVID-19 symptom, the center is closed down and all employees have to shelter in place for two weeks further reducing the country's blood supply.

If someone in your family is sick and untested, or you have symptoms, stay away from blood donation centers entirely. They will simply throw your blood away anyway and you will never know. My son has already had 3 potential exposures and half of their centers have been closed down. People that want to donate in order to be tested for COVID-19 are only making the problems worse for everyone.

PLEASE! Don't be reckless and endanger everyone else.


Massive deaths, massive unemployment, massive government debt

Trump has spent the last three years bragging on his his great numbers in the markets and in unemployment. The claims of the great economy was the only positive thing that gave his presidency any legitimacy. He took full credit for a successful and rapidly growing economy handed to him by the Obama administration. Now it is all crashed and burned due to his errors of judgement....


Trump's Failure To Call A Nationwide 'Stay At Home' Will Only Extend The Length of This Crisis.....

Aren't the experts telling him that his not calling for a nationwide 'stay at home' will just draw out the time we can get back to normal in this country?

It seems to me that to flatten the curve - the whole of the country must work to do that at the same time. Those states that haven't issued a 'stay at home' order will ultimately get hit. As they spike at different times in the future they will only extend the time that this crisis continues....


Well, I'm now an official stay-at-home.

I worked yesterday. My company here in NY makes infection control products, so we've been tagged as an essential business. Yesterday, we got word that one of the employees died of coronavirus and that some workers in every shift have tested positive. The company wasn't quite a ghost town yesterday, but it was definitely trending that way. My boss had already told be that I should feel OK with bailing out if I felt I had to....


Let me say this up front: yes, I know how this sounds but---

Has anyone heard a reasonable explanation for the fact that virtually every decision that Trump has made in dealing with this pandemic has worsened the crisis and placed Americans in more danger?

Initially, he had to choose between taking action to protect us or do nothing and let the pandemic gain a foothold in our country. He chose to ignore the problem and gave the virus free rein for weeks....


Trump has put the MAGAs between a rock and a hard place

Many still seem to be arguing the flu is worse than this and that Libs are sheep, bla, bla,bla. But now they are in DIRECT conflict with Trump's own policies. So if all this is overkill (under-kill to them) then why do they still support what Trump is doing? I keep asking these folks if they want Trump to fire Fauci and his pandemic team since they are taking the Democrats original stance on social distancing and shutting things down. Of course they have no way to answer without contradicting themselves. At first they avoid the question but I just keep asking them over and over until they give an answer....

Snake Plissken

If you go back and watch the briefings on this pandemic right from the very beginning

They have been more about coddling Trump than they have been about giving the public accurate life saving up to date information

Even when everyone in the room knew that attempting to pretend this virus would be over by Easter was extremely dangerous, nobody was willing to speak up and say how insane Trump's con game is and how many people will die as a result of his reckless need to open his golf courses and elitist resort back up.


Today I found out...

Today I found out my god child arrived at work in CCU, every bed available filled with intubated Coronavirus patients. She was handed her protective gear, a yellow rain slicker, the ones you see the police wearing on a rainy day, she was told to wear backwards. Yes, she has goggles and face mask donated by friends. They are only a week in and have no equipment because Don held back shipments to MA. She has a family that she fears she may bring the virus home to.

Another family member had a webcam doctors visit. They advised everyone to wear a mask and gloves when going to the store, something the admin that told us there was no need for. He also said for precautions wash your hands before you leave, wash them again when you get home and then wash your clothing and take a shower. Wash your food and bottles and cans, again something we were not told by this admin because for weeks they called this a hoax.

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Judge rebuffs Trump administration over border wall funding

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Russian coronavirus aid delivery to US prompts confusion and a backlash

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Fauci: 'I don't understand why' every state hasn't issued stay-at-home orders

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Coronavirus Tax Relief

5 hrs ago - Tax Deadline Changed The deadlines to FILE and PAY federal income taxes are extended to July 15, 2020. The IRS has established a special section focused on steps to help taxpayers, businesses and others affected by the coronavirus. This page will b ... (irs.gov)

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Republican Gov. Brian Kemp admits he just found out that asymptomatic people can spread coronavirus

8 hrs ago - The Georgian learned of this in the last "24 hours." But Dr. Fauci warned of asymptomatic transmission in January IGOR DERYSH APRIL 2, 2020 10:28PM (UTC) Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp just announced a shelter-in-place order after admitting tha ... (Salon)

Trump attacks Schumer for impeachment in letter about coronavirus crisis

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Stimulus aid for 'small business' will go to some big chains

9 hrs ago - Ryan J. Foley, Associated Press Updated 4:43 pm CDT, Thursday, April 2, 2020 IOWA CITY, Iowa (AP) — As the federal government prepares to launch a $349 billion loan program meant to help small businesses survive the coronavirus pandemic, critics ha ... (Associated Press)

Despite Coronavirus Lockdown, Wisconsin Republicans Insist on an Election that Will Disenfranchise T

9 hrs ago - Despite Coronavirus Lockdown, Wisconsin Republicans Insist on an Election that Will Disenfranchise Thousands 4 hours ago “There’s nothing fair about this election.” While ten states with primary contests originally scheduled this month hav ... (mother jones)

Coronavirus: New York will run out of ventilators within six days, governor warns

10 hrs ago - 'If a person comes in and needs a ventilator and you don't have one, the person dies,' Governor Andrew Cuomo says 3 hours ago New York Governor Andrew Cuomo has warned the state could run out of its ventilator stockpile in the next six day ... (independent)

Mayor Lori Lightfoot calls former Dallas police chief David Brown the right leader in a time of cris

10 hrs ago - Mayor Lori Lightfoot calls former Dallas police chief David Brown the right leader in a time of crisis, announces him as choice for police superintendent Mayor Lori Lightfoot has chosen former Dallas police Chief David Brown to be the next Chicago ... (Chicago Tribune)

Confirmed coronavirus cases hit 1 million worldwide

10 hrs ago - The number of coronavirus infections worldwide has hit 1 million, with more than 50,000 deaths, according to the tally kept by Johns Hopkins University. The figures were another bleak milestone in the pandemic that has forced the lockdown of entire ... (Los Angeles Times)

About Half Of Working Households Lost Income Due To Coronavirus, New Poll Shows

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Guard Title 32 mobilizations are falling one day short of earning troops Tricare benefits, BAH upgra

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Just 18 total patients were sent this week to the USNS Mercy, Comfort

11 hrs ago - The USNS hospital ships Mercy and Comfort have treated fewer than 20 patients combined since the ships arrived in Los Angeles and New York City, respectively, according to the commanding officers of the vessels. That means the majority of the hospit ... (Navy Times)

Navy Expected to Relieve Captain Who Raised Alarm About Covid-19 Outbreak on Aircraft Carrier

12 hrs ago - The Navy is expected to announce it has relieved the captain who sounded the alarm about an outbreak of COVID-19 aboard the USS Theodore Roosevelt, according to two U.S. officials. Crozier raised the alarm earlier this week that sailors on the ship ... (NBC News)

Trump campaign sends letter to Sessions demanding he stop invoking Trump

12 hrs ago - President Donald Trump's campaign has sent a letter to Jeff Sessions demanding the former attorney general stop using Trump's name in his campaign materials for his US Senate bid. "We only assume your campaign is doing this to confuse President ... (CNN)

Pakistan court overturns conviction in death of Daniel Pearl

12 hrs ago - Adil Jawad and Kathy Gannon, Associated Press Updated 2:19 pm CDT, Thursday, April 2, 2020 KARACHI, Pakistan (AP) -- A Pakistani court on Thursday overturned the murder conviction of a British Pakistani man found guilty of the 2002 kidnapping and ... (Associated Press)

Los Angeles mayor tells 4 million to wear masks

12 hrs ago - Robert Jablon, Associated Press Updated 2:49 pm CDT, Thursday, April 2, 2020 LOS ANGELES (AP) — The mayor of Los Angeles urged 4 million residents to wear masks to combat the coronavirus when they walk out in public, even as state health officials ... (Associated Press)

Radio host gets 25 years in Ponzi scheme targeting listeners

13 hrs ago - Updated 2:15 pm CDT, Thursday, April 2, 2020 Photo: AP This undated photo provided by the Dallas County Sheriff's Department shows William Neil Gallagher. Gallagher, a financial consultant and radio host who stole more than $20 million from in ... (Associated Press)

Georgia GOP Leader: More Absentee Voting Will Help Turnout, Be 'Devastating To Republicans'

13 hrs ago - Just want to share the obvious with everyone. “The president said it best ― this will be extremely devastating to Republicans and conservatives in Georgia,” said state House Speaker David Ralston. ... (Huffington Post)


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