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Nothing to Hide

Trump refuses to allow the release of thousands of documents, and has instructed his administration officials not to respond to subpoenas compelling their testimony under oath.

We can only assume that these people have nothing to hide – a LOT of nothing. Filing cabinets full of nothing. Computer servers full of nothing. Hundreds of banker’s boxes full of nothing. Enough nothing to fill Lake Superior and the Grand Canyon....

Miles Archer

The "Trump would never allow himself to be impeached, he'd resign first" meme is still churning.

Rick Wilson re-tweeted someone making that statement yesterday.

I don't believe it for a minute.

In all of the possible scenarios...including a vote in the House that goes on to a "potential" removal from office via a Senate trial...I just don't see it....


Trump's Downward Slide Is Accelerating

Slip #1: Nancy Pelosi begins impeachment investigations in the House, and some of Trump's minions are defying his orders and showing up to testify. The downward slide begins. We learn more and more about Trump's illegal acts as President on a daily basis. Polls show that a majority of the U.S. population favors impeachment and a trial in the Senate....


A horrid feudalistic quagmire with a flank of nationalist bollocks.

The vapid response from Trump supporters and the republicans to the illegal actions of Trump in the last week alone tell us something very interesting about the serf mentality of his most ardent fans, desperate to cling onto the ‘strong man’ lord in their lives. It is very like Russia if you think about it. They have always looked to a 'strong father' of the nation since the days of the Tsars, it is why democracy has never really taken off particularly well over there. They are so used to being told what to do and to never question the leadership that it is ingrained in the nations psyche... hhhhmmmm....


Can we stop pretending like the GOP is confused...

... they don't want Democracy anymore. Because they feel a demographic shift away from white, Christian men.

So they seek to end democracy
Replace it with authoritarianism
Rule from the minority....


For those that weren't around during Watergate...

The real fun began when the defense became “oh, come on, everybody does it.”

We have entered the “everybody does it” phase.


If we let people play us against each other... we will lose 2020

Trust me, I do not agree with the policies of many of the Democratic candidates.. I disagree with their policies.. not the person.. some of the supporters of other candidates, can give me the hives... and I am sure I give them the same hives when they see me post... all that being said... any of our people would be 100 times better than anything a Trumpian would present...

So for the love of mike people.. keep the debate on policies .. We have to win this..

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House asks judge to toss Trump lawsuit to shield his N.Y. state tax returns from lawmakers

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Putin and Hungary's Orban helped sour Trump on Ukraine

8 hrs ago - President Trump’s effort to pressure Ukraine for information he could use against political rivals came as he was being urged to adopt a hostile view of that country by its regional adversaries, including Russian President Vladi­mir Putin, current an ... (Washington Post)

Democrats kill GOP effort to censure Rep. Schiff over impeachment inquiry

10 hrs ago - WASHINGTON -- Republicans failed to force a vote on the House floor on Monday evening on a resolution that would have censured House Intelligence Chairman Adam Schiff, D-Calif., for his handling of the impeachment inquiry. Democrats, who control the ... (NBC News)

Indicted Giuliani associate joined DeSantis on last-minute campaign swing

11 hrs ago - Lev Parnas, a Ukrainian American businessman accused of funneling foreign money into U.S. elections, attended a string of events with Ron DeSantis in the closing moments of the Republican candidate’s 2018 campaign for governor in Florida. In a photo ... (Politico)

Schumer warns Intel officials that Trump could expose whistleblower

11 hrs ago - Schumer sent a letter to acting Director of National Intelligence Joseph Maguire and Inspector General Michael Atkinson on Monday saying he's "concerned" Trump might disclose the individual's identity and wants to know what steps are being ... (The Hill)

White House personnel director told Trump that Cuccinelli isn't eligible for DHS chief

11 hrs ago - Washington (CNN)The White House's personnel director has told President Donald Trump that neither immigration hardliner Ken Cuccinelli nor Customs and Border Protection chief Mark Morgan are eligible to succeed Kevin McAleenan as acting Homeland Secu ... (CNN)

Pelosi releases 'fact sheet' saying Trump has 'betrayed his oath of office'

12 hrs ago - Speaker Nancy Pelosi's (D-Calif.) office on Monday released a "fact sheet" laying out what Democrats believe is their most compelling evidence to date against President Trump in their investigation of the president's efforts to pressure the ... (The Hill)

In Rare Appeal, Federal Judge Begs Senators To Fill Vacancies On His Court

12 hrs ago - It’s not often that a federal judge pleads with the White House and senators to fill vacancies on his or her court. But in the case of U.S. District Judge Lawrence O’Neill, his court’s workload has become so unmanageable that it’s come to begging for ... (Huffington Post)

A West Point cadet is missing along with an M4 rifle, military academy says

12 hrs ago - A West Point cadet is missing along with an M4 rifle, the military academy said after military, federal, state and local agencies conducted extensive searches to locate the man. Authorities don't believe the cadet has any magazines or ammunition or ... (CNN)

Pentagon draws up plans for quick Afghanistan withdrawal just in case Trump blindsides military

12 hrs ago - By Carol E. Lee and Courtney Kube WASHINGTON -- The Pentagon recently began drawing up plans for an abrupt withdrawal of all U.S. troops from Afghanistan in case President Donald Trump surprises military leaders by ordering an immediate drawdown as ... (NBC News)

Trump: US never agreed to protect Syrian Kurd allies 'for the rest of their lives'

13 hrs ago - President Donald Trump on Monday, again defending his decision to withdraw U.S. forces from northern Syria -- clearing the way for Turkish forces to attack U.S.-allied Syrian Kurds -- said, “We never agreed to protect the Kurds for the rest of their ... (ABC News)

Singer Brandi Carlile drops out of Fortune event over Kirstjen Nielsen's appearance

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Trump claims he's the victim of 'phony emoluments clause'

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Indicted Giuliani Goon Buddy Parnas IG Shows Close Ties To Trump

15 hrs ago - 10/21/19 8:44am Lev Parnas' Instagram has photos documenting close ties to Giuliani and Trump as far back as 2016. ........ It seems indicted Trump donor Lev Parnas has been documenting his close ties with Rudy Colludy and, by proxy, Donald, ... (crooksandliars)

Netanyahu fails to form new Israeli government; rival Gantz poised to take up the challenge

16 hrs ago - JERUSALEM -- Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu gave up on his month-long effort to negotiate a governing majority after September's dead-heat national election, opening the way for his chief rival to try his hand at cobbling together a coalit ... (Washington Post)

Prosecutors can't show Godfather II clip at Roger Stone trial, judge rules

16 hrs ago - Washington (CNN)Federal prosecutors can't show a clip from the film "The Godfather Part II" at a trial as they try to prove to a jury that Roger Stone threatened a witness, a federal judge said Monday. Judge Amy Berman Jackson of the feder ... (CNN)

Supreme Court tosses challenge to Republican-drawn Michigan electoral maps

18 hrs ago - WASHINGTON (Reuters) - The U.S. Supreme Court on Monday threw out a challenge to Republican-drawn electoral districts in Michigan that Democrats said were illegally configured to dilute their voting power, an action taken in the aftermath of major ru ... (Reuters)

Researchers find second warship from WWII Battle of Midway

18 hrs ago - By Caleb Jones MIDWAY ATOLL, Northwestern Hawaiian Islands (AP) — A crew of deep-sea explorers and historians looking for lost World War II warships have found a second Japanese aircraft carrier that went down in the historic Battle of Midway. Vulc ... (Omaha World Herald-AP)

'A life-threatening situation': Dallas tornado devastates homes, leaves thousands without power

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