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Smashing a record, House Democrats fundraising exceeded $100 million in 2017

(WaPo) The Democratic Party organization charged with reclaiming the House majority said Monday that it raised more than $100 million in 2017, a record total for a non-election year.

With $9.5 million in December receipts, the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee brought its total for the year to $105.4 million. In 2015, the last comparable year, the DCCC raised $68.2 million.

The robust fundraising numbers come amid growing confidence from top Democrats that the party could win the House majority in November. Democrats need to flip two dozen seats to take back the chamber after losing its majority in a 2010 landslide.


Democrats solidify their lead in midterm elections matchup . ABC News/WaPo Poll

(ABC News) Democrats have solidified their position in the November midterm elections in the latest ABC News/Washington Post poll, maintaining a 12-point lead among registered voters while improving to a wide 14-point advantage among likely voters in congressional preference.

Democrats typically lose support in the shift to likely voters, given lower turnout among their stalwart groups. That’s not the case now: Among those most likely to vote, 54 percent support the Democratic candidate in their congressional district, compared to 40 percent for the Republican.


The #SchumerShutdown Hashtag Is Getting A Big Boost From Russian Bots

(Huffington Post) As lawmakers wage a messaging war over who caused the government shutdown, Republicans and the White House are getting a big boost in their efforts to blame Democrats for the mess ― from the Russians.

#SchumerShutdown ― the hashtag that GOP leaders and the White House are using to accuse Democrats of causing the shutdown ― on Sunday night became the top trending hashtag being promoted by Russian bots and trolls on Twitter, according to the Alliance for Securing Democracy, a project led by former top national security officials from both parties.


Shutdown! Things'll Be Great When You're Shutdown!

Gotta admit, I'm kinda pissed, Resisters. I was supposed to go to a 9-dollar-per-plate Boston Market dinner last night, but noooooooooooo! A certain spray-tanned, sphincter-faced assclown had to shut down the government!

Maybe all of Washington is ineptly bumbling through an unnecessary, self-inflicted, crisis, but at least we can take comfort in knowing that Mick Mulvaney is enjoying himself! See, Mick found that he's the lucky boy who actually gets to shut down the government, and that's "kind of cool!"

"There's a big green button you get to push and all these gears grind to a halt as confetti falls from the ceiling and dancing girls come out of, like, NOWHERE, and you get a special cupcake and a paper hat and a gift certificate to Chuck E. Cheese's, and IT'S ALL FOR MULVANEY!"


Graham: Stephen Miller makes immigration deal impossible

(The Hill) GOP Sen. Lindsey Graham (S.C.) warned on Sunday that the White House staff is undercutting President Trump and Congress's ability to get a deal on immigration.

"Every time we have a proposal it is only yanked back by staff members. As long as Stephen Miller is in charge of negotiating immigration, we're going nowhere," Graham told reporters as he headed into a closed-door negotiation with a bipartisan group of senators. He added that "the White House staff, I think, is making it very difficult."


Schumer Knocks Trump's 'Inability To Clinch A Deal' Amid Shutdown

(TPM) Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) on Sunday blamed President Donald Trump’s inability to “take yes for an answer” and strike a deal with Senate Democrats to solve the ongoing government shutdown.

Schumer said he “essentially agreed to give the President something he wants in exchange for something we both want” during a meeting on Friday. “The President picked a number for a wall,” Schumer said, referring to Trump’s proposed wall on the U.S.-Mexico border. “I accepted it.”


Trump will give healthcare workers the right to refuse to treat LGBT people

(LGBTQ Nation) The administration has officially announced the formation of a new division intended to allow healthcare providers to discriminate against LGBT people and women seeking an abortion.

The Trump administration is considering a new “religious freedom” rule that would allow healthcare workers to refuse to treat LGBT patients. The move would also allow workers to deny care to a woman seeking an abortion or any other service they morally oppose.

Roger Severino, the head of the Department of Health and Human Services’ Office of Civil Rights, has actively opposed civil rights protections for minority communities. In his previous role as Director of the DeVos Center for Religion and Civil Society for the conservative Heritage Foundation, Severino spoke out against the regulations he is now tasked with upholding.


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Hugh Masekela, South African jazz trumpeter, dies aged 78

45 min ago - Hugh Masekela, the legendary South African jazz musician, has died aged 78. A statement from the trumpeter’s family said that Masekela “passed peacefully” in Johannesburg, where he lived and worked for much of his life. “A loving father, brother, g ... (The Guardian)

Rupert Murdochs Sky bid provisionally blocked by regulator

52 min ago - Rupert Murdoch’s £11.7bn bid to take full control of Sky has been provisionally blocked by the UK competition regulator. The Competition and Markets Authority said 21st Century Fox’s bid to take control of the 61% of Sky it does not already own was ... (The Guardian)

Tesla on Autopilot slams into parked fire truck on freeway

1 hr ago - A Tesla Model S reportedly on “Autopilot” smashed into the back of a fire truck parked at a freeway accident scene Monday morning, authorities said. The union representing Culver City firefighters whose truck was hit around 8:30 a.m. on Interstate 4 ... (The Mercury News)

Gun industry gathers just a few miles from mass shooting

1 hr ago - Lisa Marie Pane, Associated Press Updated 1:28 am, Tuesday, January 23, 2018 The gun industry is holding its biggest annual trade show this week just a few miles from where a gunman slaughtered 58 concertgoers outside his high-rise Las Vegas hotel ... (Associated Press)

Immigration hawk: Trump backs 'limited amnesty' for illegal immigrants

4 hrs ago - A top immigration hard-liner said Monday he thinks Donald Trump’s positions on immigration are like Jell-O and accused the president of backing “limited amnesty” for immigrants in the country illegally. Rep. Steve King (R-Iowa), who advised Trump on ... (The Hill)

Neil Diamond says he has Parkinsons disease, will retire from touring

4 hrs ago - Neil Diamond, one of America’s most enduring songwriters best known for his singalong hits “Sweet Caroline” and “Cracklin’ Rosie,” announced Monday that he has Parkinson’s disease. Diamond, who will turn 77 on Wednesday, said he is retiring from con ... (Washington Post)

Federal jury clears ex-Milwaukee sheriff in civil case over social media posts

5 hrs ago - MILWAUKEE A federal jury ruled late Monday that former Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke did not violate a man's civil rights by making social media posts that the man said "terrified" him. Daniel Black sued the sheriff for having d ... (WISN, ABC affiliate in Milwaukee, WI)

Melania Trump will no longer join the President in Davos

6 hrs ago - First lady Melania Trump, in a change of plans, will not be joining President Donald Trump on his trip to the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, later this week. East Wing communications director Stephanie Grisham confirmed to CNN that the ... (CNN)

Schwarzenegger to Trump: 'Don't touch California. If you want to drill, do it off Mar-a-Lago'

6 hrs ago - Former California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger on Monday blasted President Trump’s move to allow increased offshore drilling, saying he ought to drill in the waters off his Palm Beach, Fla., resort rather than California. “Don’t touch California. If y ... (LA Times)

Man arrested, accused of threatening to kill CNN employees

6 hrs ago - A Michigan man was arrested after allegedly threatening to shoot and kill CNN employees, WGCL-TV reported Monday. The FBI launched an investigation after the man, who is unnamed in the CBS report, reportedly called CNN 22 times about a week ago. &q ... (The Hill)

Trump Broke Law By Not Reporting Porn Star Stormy Daniels Payment, Groups Claim

7 hrs ago - Two complaints filed today accuse President Donald Trump and his 2016 campaign of violating federal campaign finance laws by not reporting $130,000 in hush money paid to adult film star Stormy Daniels. The complaints in question were filed by non-pr ... (Law & Crime)

Trump waives dozens of environmental rules to speed up construction of border wall

8 hrs ago - The Trump administration is waiving dozens of environmental regulations to speed up construction of President Trump’s proposed wall on the U.S.-Mexico border. Homeland Security Secretary Kirsten Nielsen said in a notice published in the Federal Regi ... (The Hill)

Scoop: FBI director threatened to resign amid Trump, Sessions pressure

8 hrs ago - Attorney General Jeff Sessions — at the public urging of President Donald Trump — has been pressuring FBI Director Christopher Wray to fire Deputy Director Andrew McCabe, but Wray threatened to resign if McCabe was removed, according to three sources ... (Axios)

The End of Men? Male Sex chromosome is slowly disappearing

9 hrs ago - The Y chromosome may be a symbol of masculinity, but it is becoming increasingly clear that it is anything but strong and enduring. Although it carries the “master switch” gene, SRY, that determines whether an embryo will develop as male (XY) or fema ... (Newsweek)

Kentuckys New Idea for Medicaid Access: Pass Health Literacy Course

9 hrs ago - A lot of people could do with a little more health and financial literacy, not just Medicaid recipients. But linking it to retaining medical eligibility may not make sense. By Austin Frakt Jan. 22, 2018 If you’re on Medicaid in Kentucky and are k ... (nytimes.)

NASA pulled this astronaut from a space station crew. Her brother blames racism.

10 hrs ago - NASA astronaut Jeanette Epps, who was slated to become the first black crew member to live on board the International Space Station, was unexpectedly pulled from her June flight. In a brief news release Thursday, NASA announced that Serena Auñón-Cha ... (Washington Post)

Puerto Rico moves to privatize troubled power company

10 hrs ago - By DANICA COTO 28 minutes ago SAN JUAN, Puerto Rico (AP) — Puerto Rico’s governor announced Monday that he is moving to privatize the U.S. territory’s public power company after its slow, troubled recovery from Hurricane Maria focused new attenti ... (Associated Press)

House votes to end government shutdown, sending legislation to Trump

10 hrs ago - Congress voted late Monday to reopen the government after a three-day shutdown, sending President Trump a short-term spending bill that passed after Senate Republican leaders pledged to act on immigration policy next month. The House joined the Sena ... (Washington Post)

George Papadopoulos is the John Dean of the Russia investigation, his fiancee says

10 hrs ago - He has been mocked by President Trump as a “low level volunteer” and “proven to be a liar.” But the fiancee of George Papadopoulos, the former Trump campaign adviser who pleaded guilty in October to lying to the FBI about his Russia contacts and is ... (Washington Post)

Conservative groups urge Congress to let net neutrality repeal stand

11 hrs ago - BY HARPER NEIDIG - 01/22/18 05:18 PM EST A coalition of conservative groups are urging Congress not to support a bill that would overturn the Federal Communications Commission’s repeal of net neutrality. Twenty-four free-market groups sent lette ... (The Hill)

Trump imposes tariffs on solar panels and washing machines in one of administration's most...

11 hrs ago - Trump imposes tariffs on solar panels and washing machines in one of administrations most significant trade actions By Washington Post Staff January 22 at 5:17 PM President Trump took action among the most concrete yet in two pending trade disp ... (The Washington Post)

Naomi Parker Fraley, the Real 'Rosie the Riveter,' Dead at 96

12 hrs ago - Naomi Parker Fraley, a California woman who posed for the famous “Rosie the Riveter” poster died Saturday, her family confirmed Monday. Fraley, who was 96 at the time of her death, posed for the picture while working at an Alameda, California facto ... (The Daily Beast)

Susan Collins had senators in bipartisan meetings use talking stick

12 hrs ago - During bipartisan talks between senators to discuss passing a funding bill to end the government shutdown, Sen. Susan Collins whose office was being used for the negotiations, figured out a civil way to create discussion. Collins, R-Maine, introduce ... (CNN)

Morgan Stanley says former congressman fired over 'corporate policy,' not sexual misconduct

12 hrs ago - By CRISTIANO LIMA 01/22/2018 12:34 PM EST Morgan Stanley said Monday former congressman Harold Ford Jr. was fired over "corporate policy," disputing reports he was dismissed over allegations of sexual misconduct. "We take allegati ... (Politico)

Alleged payment to porn star was illegal donation to Trump campaign, watchdog says

12 hrs ago - The call from Common Cause for criminal prosecution echoes charges against John Edwards. By JOSH GERSTEIN 01/22/2018 02:50 PM EST Updated 01/22/2018 03:40 PM EST A watchdog group filed a pair of complaints on Monday alleging that a $130,000 paym ... (Politico)

Leaked draft outlines Trump infrastructure plan

12 hrs ago - BY MALLORY SHELBOURNE - 01/22/18 03:23 PM EST A draft version of the Trump administration's infrastructure plan leaked on Monday. A document first obtained by Axios and also obtained by The Hill reveals the details of a plan to revitalize Americ ... (The Hill)

Publisher pulls former Trump appointee Carl Higbie's book from market over racist remarks

12 hrs ago - Former Trump administration appointee Carl Higbie's book is being pulled from the market by its publisher after CNN's KFile unearthed racist, sexist, anti-Muslim and anti-gay remarks Higbie made as a radio host. Higbie, who resigned Thursday from hi ... (CNN)

Montana becomes first state to implement net neutrality after FCC repeal

12 hrs ago - Montana Gov. Steve Bullock (D) signed an executive order on Monday requiring internet service providers with state contracts to abide by net neutrality principles. The order makes his state the first to push back on the Federal Communications Commis ... (The Hill)

CHIP is finally getting funded after 114 days without a budget

13 hrs ago - The Senate is expected to pass Monday a bill extending the Children’s Health Insurance Program for an additional six years, likely ending a funding crisis that has plagued the state-run health plan for the last four months. Congress let CHIP’s long- ... (VOX)

Vermont governor signs marijuana legalization bill

13 hrs ago - BY REID WILSON - 01/22/18 02:38 PM EST Vermont will become the latest state to allow the possession of marijuana for recreational purposes under a new measure signed into law Monday by Gov. Phil Scott (R). The measure brings the number of states ... (The Hill)