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I can't stand when a Trumpster gets butthurt 234 recs : By The Polack MSgt

May I take a moment to brag 144 recs : By The Polack MSgt

Trumps luck may finally be running out. 101 recs : By shockey80

from comments section of NYT, on Khashoggi 98 recs : By Grasswire2

Ted Lieu just nailed Pat Robertson 95 recs : By highplainsdem

The Left Column

The Polack MSgt

I can't stand when a Trumpster gets butthurt

And asks me why I have to make politics "So personal"

Look asshole, if you had your way my daughter would have died.

You literally attempted to take the insurance that saved her life away from her....


Khashoggi's torture and murder might just be a warning

to journalists. Trump's lack of concern about may be another sign of his contempt for the fourth estate. Clearly, he doesn't like reporters or news people, unless they work for a captive organization that supports him. He calls them "enemies of the people." Now, a journalist who writes for one of the publications that angers Donald Trump has suffered and died, and our temporary President isn't all that concerned, see.

Freedom of the Press may be an endangered right before long, I'm afraid.


What is wrong with this picture...

The Secretary of State flies half across the globe to have a pleasant chat with the folks whose consulate was the site of the butchering of an American journalist. Upon his return, the Secretary is asked about his visit and he declares it a great success because the suspected perpetrators have promised him that they will "conduct an investigation."

Meanwhile, our President tells us that he doesn't want to lose out on the Saudis' blood money....


Trumps luck may finally be running out.

Trump has been extremely lucky so far. He was handed a very good economy by Obama. That helped protect him.

The Republicans in congress decided to break their oath of office and protect Trump at all cost.

Trump never seemed to pay a price for all the stupid crazy shit he did. That may be coming to an end....

Renew Deal

The Saudi's have something over Trump

Trump is acting the same way with the Saudi’s as he has with others that have leverage over him (Russia, Avenatti). He’s making excuses and not talking. Do you think he would respond the same way if this happened in an Iranian consulate?

The nakedly political leverage is gas prices. Trump sees everything in light of how it affects him and he loves to brag that gas prices are low. There are allegedly also some shady deals involving Kushner. And then there is the fact that there is no ambassador assigned to Saudi Arabia. Kushner handles it....

Dread Pirate Roberts

I smell panic-and it smells like victory

I don't know how my email got on this distribution list, but last night between 1 A.M and 2 A.M. I received 5 fund raising emails with messages from Paul Ryan, Newt Gingrich, Steve Scalise, Devin Nunes and a couple of other members of Trump's Hitler Youth. Obviously it was from a mass email so I couldn't reply and mess with them-like telling Nunes I would send him money but he'd probably only use it to buy cigarettes from the prison commissary. Anyway, apparently we should all run and hide because the radical left and "San Francisco elite" are coming to get us. I sense the panic-like when Godzilla comes walking out of Tokyo Bay. It's Barbara Streisand! Run for your lives! (Just picture Nunes' mouth speaking the words with the sound not quite matching up.)...


It's becoming an amazing fact....

We are no longer a Democracy. We have become a country which has surrendered itself to Fascist ignorant dangerous leader.. We are in deep shit... and to be honest...I think that this is not gonna resolve itself without some type of violence..

The Reason.... People who are under economic stress and do not understand why.. Tend to blame minorities, foreigners, LGBT Communities etc. Just ask the Nazi sympathizers in Germany during the 30's....

Kajun Gal

Our country has entered into a very dark time.

Our so called pResident has brought this country down, so low, lower than I ever have seen in my adult life. In his mind, money is more valuable than a man's life. A journalist's life.

He sows evil wherever he goes. He has no soul. He backs authoritarian people, he backs people who torture, he bashes our press, our rights, he mocks rape victims, disabled people, he has no soul....


A HUGE breakthrough today.

I doubt it means anything outside of my own political battles but...

My roommate (future ex-husband) who is a registered Democrat but who has gotten angry and yelled at me every single time I've brought up political news, specifically Republicans, more specifically Trump, and "that damned woman" - don't get me started....


I once slammed Joe Manchin. I regret it

A Democrat is always better than a Repugnant.

He might not be the senator from West Virginia we want but he's the Democratic senator we need.

Have a nice evening.


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Apple launches feature giving US customers access to their data

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Woman dubbed 'Golfcart Gail' called police on black father at soccer game

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Audio Offers Gruesome Details of Jamal Khashoggi Killing, Turkish Official Says

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Missouri's U.S. Senate Race Casts Spotlight On Health Care, Pre-Existing Conditions

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Hawley banks on conservative policies, and Trump, to get the win over McCaskill

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Crimea attack: College shooting kills 19

11 hrs ago - 14 minutes ago At least 19 people have been killed and dozens more wounded in a shooting at a college in Russian-annexed Crimea. An 18-year-old student ran through the technical college in Kerch firing at fellow pupils before killing himself, Russi ... (BBC)

Paul Ryan worries tribal identity politics is "becoming the new norm" for both sides

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