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Never again. (Original Post) JNelson6563 Aug 2012 OP
No docs11 Aug 2012 #1
As long as we stand up for our rights JNelson6563 Aug 2012 #2
"Never Say Never" only applies in a Romeo Void song... Cooley Hurd Aug 2012 #4
What ever the future holds, Control-Z Aug 2012 #7
You said it better than I. JNelson6563 Aug 2012 #12
The issue Control-Z Aug 2012 #21
I have no words JNelson6563 Aug 2012 #23
You sound like a man lunatica Aug 2012 #17
K&R - I fully agree. HopeHoops Aug 2012 #3
K&R n/t DeSwiss Aug 2012 #5
This message was self-deleted by its author guyton Aug 2012 #6
Indeed, there's much work to do. JNelson6563 Aug 2012 #11
Culture of Life ErikJ Aug 2012 #8
kick grantcart Aug 2012 #9
Never lillypaddle Aug 2012 #10
the passion is righteous handmade34 Aug 2012 #13
What pisses me off is all that we have lost from glowing Aug 2012 #14
I would rec your reply Control-Z Aug 2012 #22
No more wire hangers??? Shankapotomus Aug 2012 #15
Don't be obtuse. MineralMan Aug 2012 #16
graphic handmade34 Aug 2012 #18
got it Shankapotomus Aug 2012 #19
That says it all! JNelson6563 Aug 2012 #20


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2. As long as we stand up for our rights
Sat Aug 11, 2012, 02:58 PM
Aug 2012

like good citizens should, then "never" damn well should apply. Keep government out of my womb.



Cooley Hurd

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4. "Never Say Never" only applies in a Romeo Void song...
Sat Aug 11, 2012, 03:11 PM
Aug 2012

In politics, it absolutlely applies. Case in point - postwar Gemany.

Welcome to DU!


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7. What ever the future holds,
Sat Aug 11, 2012, 03:37 PM
Aug 2012

women being forced to use, and then dying from, coat hanger abortions will never , fucking ever be ok. I hope you understand that.


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21. The issue
Mon Aug 13, 2012, 03:47 AM
Aug 2012

is personal for me. My mother, the woman in my sigline pic, died just that way.

Thank you for the OP where you stated it quite perfectly!


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17. You sound like a man
Sat Aug 11, 2012, 08:28 PM
Aug 2012

Trying to make some ominous statement about women's right to choose. The future is created by us. It's not something that just happens.

Response to JNelson6563 (Original post)



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14. What pisses me off is all that we have lost from
Sat Aug 11, 2012, 06:05 PM
Aug 2012

ignorant asswipes who don't get it until they go thru something or have a family member go thru something.

They are all moral until their daughter is knocked up at 15 or their sister is raped or they find out towards the end of a pregnancy that something is horribly wrong or that the woman's life is in mortal danger what kind of rights they have lost in various states due to their ignorance and "superiority morality complex".

If they would just keep with the "Govt out of my personal life" mantra thru and thru they wouldn't look like such hypocritical assholes. If they truly wanted women to have the right to make a choice about pregnancy, their would be universal healthcare and educational services provided for all people from birth to death. That young women have a safe secure place to access birth control and STD prevention (along with young men as well). If they were really for "life", they would increase the level of care for single moms and for parents accessing day care that is safe and affordable AND they would agree that funding for war (which kills) would be far more limited than it is today.

They go to church, are preached at, mis-guided on the "word of God" (which was actually written by men in different times and in different languages that have been interperted in different ways-- and that many ancient scrolls that could have been in the "bible" may have been taken out because they didn't help the politics of a certain time period), and then they stand outside clinics and try to shame every woman going in, even if it is only to het a breast exam or pap smear or another 3 month supply of cheap birth control.

Maybe this country should divide... Those who want to live in radical fundie land with lots of guns, no taxes, and laws based on religions (we already know what Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, Somalia look like-- so we know how successful that adventure would be). And the rest of us sane people can live in a country that distributes the wealth fairly, cares for people over profits, doesn't allow $ to influence politics, sets sane, rational laws, and tries to perfect the Union our forefathers were truly trying to set. Maybe we can give them Texas? They would have a fighting start with the oil... They could at least have some way for the Barron Princes to rule over their lowly serfs.


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22. I would rec your reply
Mon Aug 13, 2012, 04:05 AM
Aug 2012

if I could. I agree with every last word you wrote and I'm ashamed that I don't often write more myself. I usually keep my replies to a line or two. I guess I expect everyone on DU to already know anything I could say. But this thread if proof that many are still uninformed or misinformed.

Thank you for your well thought out response.

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