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Fri Sep 28, 2018, 11:15 AM

I grieve this historical day for the United States.

This is an historical day in the United States.

1. The Judiciary Committee lawyers fail the Senate's historical mission of providing a FULL AND FAIR PROCESS in the advise and consent process for the American people.

Hatch, Graham, Grassley have engaged in cover up of 90% of Kavanaugh's record, and refused FBI investigation of, and testimony by all relevant witnesses.

2. Judicial integrity is the people on the courts. Kavanaugh's lack of integrity and poor temperament disqualify him for SCOTUS the rest of his life.

Kavanaugh's confirmation rests on AT LEAST five lies about the facts:

-- Kavanaugh denied using thousands of Democratic Party documents Kav knew his staffer, Manuel Miranda, stole
-- his whereabouts on July 1, the time Dr. Ford was unsure of --
his calendar laid out date, place and names, including Keyser
-- who was at the gathering -- Keyser said she was there when Dr.
Ford claims he attempted to sexually assault her; Kav claimed
he'd never met her
-- his habitual drunkenness, according to his former roommate
-- wanting an FBI investigation

Per Trump's coaching by phone, Kavanaugh went contemptuous, political, along with his Republican cheerleaders on the Judiciary Committee.

The GOP of the Judiciary Committee KNOW that Kavanaugh went political because he's ALWAYS BEEN POLITICAL.

Here's a summary of his past:

AFTER he did all that studying and churching in his school years, he

1. clerked for Anthony Kennedy,
2. argued to the Supreme Court to disregard attorney
client privilege in the Vincent Foster death case , which
he lost; he spread the rumor that Hillary was Foster's murderer;
3. got Kenneth Starr to ask Clinton sexually explicit
questions in the impeachment hearings;
4. lead writer of the Ken Starr report that led to Pres.
Clinton's impeachment;
5. lied to Democrats about formulating Bush's enhanced
interrogation policies;
6. was part of Bush's recount team in the 2,000 Florida

Kavanaugh has been a political judge since he got on the bench. His rulings, arguments and overrulings show that.

For all his claims of the Democratic Party hatching an evil plan to ruin his life, one can see from his past political operative lawyer's work, that he and the majority party are the dishonest conspirers of turning the SCOTUS corporate and right wing.

The Jesuits reject Kavanaugh.
The American Bar Association rejects Kavanaugh.

3. Democracy is buried as
a) law and order warps into order for the patriarchalists and the rich,
b) the highest court is a tool of the ideological rich.
What remains for The People is life under a corporate military junta, and a superfluous constitution.

An Article V convention -- 28 states have voted for it, 38 are needed -- may rewrite the Founders' Constitution to include 2/3 supermajority legislating, at which point this will no longer be the "United" states of 51% majority rule democracy. It will become Pinochet's Chile.

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