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Stare Decisis

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Tue Jan 8, 2019, 04:17 PM Jan 2019

Talib and Warren Lessons

For too long, really I have say back willing to absorb the daily claptrap of the media as politics as usual. You know, "What can you do?" syndrome.

This was my fault. I went along with the notion that there is a certain expectation of decorum and double standard that I had no choice but to accept.


Fuck that. Look as long as a woman has to face ridicule for makeup, or clothing, or glasses, or hair-anything that can be construed to be "unrelatable", we are tolerating nothing less than misogyny. Full stop. Nothing less so don't sugar coat it. Senator Warren may or may not prove to be the party's nominee but that IS UP TO US. But if she doesn't, it better not be because we bought into some perceived meme of her being "bitchy" or "elitist."

Basically the state of play in this country is that a woman can be anything she wants to be as long as it is not as a woman.

As previously stated: fuck that. I don't know Senator Warren. I never met her. I have met plenty of politicians high and low but not her. I would like to. I believe both her acumen and leadership is outstanding and she would do a wonderful job. I could care less about her lens frames. But some idiots will. And that is where we must defend our own. Those reprobates will never accept or partner with us. They will never like us. They will never stop trying to destroy us. Defend Liz. Stand by her. Convince the fools in this country that there are far more important things than whether or not a President is good company at a wedding; things like the economy, equality, and avoiding global calamity come to mind. I will carry shame for my generation if our grandkids are consigned to a future of unsustainable wet bulb temps, destroyed coast lines, and species extinction because we couldn't get over a fucking pantsuit.

As for Congresswoman Talib-to be honest, I have a different approach. Not a better one just different. For that reason I can tell you what I wont do:

I won't mansplain to a distinguished public servant how she should talk to her constituency. See above. Misogyny comes in many forms. Personally I have no concern whatsoever about what she said and how. I am glad we have honest reps, and I would encourage you to ignore the increasingly irrelevant pearl clutchers in the beltway media. They don't live on the front lines for the battle of this country. And you better believe that in the battle for this country, it won't be linguistic moralizing that saves us.

So save IT. Don't talk to me about lessons media, like you are some wise old sage who knows better. You don't honestly know doodley about Bo Diddley. You want to pretend to carry yourself with decency when the blood of this administration is on YOUR hands. You went after ratings. Well guess the fuck what? This IS YOUR FAULT.

Not mine. Not ours. You never defended Hillary, a woman who has tirelessly worked in public service to our benefit. This is a woman who turned down high paying work to help abused women, in an era where they were still defined by Dawn dishsoap commercials.

No. You ran with a false image, then indirectly assisted in imperiling the free world by your refusal to be honest. Now you want me to complain about passion and honesty? You want Talib to hold back and AOC to lie? You want her to say that 98 percent of this country is NOT getting fucked, that she was wrong all along? No. Cable news is done in this man's home. All of it. That my friends is the only lesson I take from this:

If you know better than to let the snake bite you-don't listen to what it has to say either.

The fool will parse for audible words while the smart ones know it is all just one long hiss.

So tell the snake's charmers what they can do with their flutes.

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