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Sun Apr 7, 2019, 11:58 PM Apr 2019

45 got his Nielson marching orders from Lou Dobbs

(March 29)
"Fox Business Network host Lou Dobbs has called on President Trump to fire the “flailing” and “overwhelmed” Department of Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen after she dared to warn of a “system-wide meltdown” amid the president’s immigration crackdown.

Dobbs, whom Trump occasionally patches in via speakerphone in Oval Office meetings, did not take kindly to Nielsen’s apparent admission that Trump’s immigration authorities are unable to cope with migrants at the border. He began his Friday broadcast by applauding the president for standing up to Mexico and threatening to close the southern border if they didn’t “use their strong immigration laws to help the United States.” (Of course, it was Dobbs who just a day earlier had urged Trump to shut down the border while a guest claimed Americans were “getting raped by all of the expense” of immigration.)

The pro-Trump Fox host then turned his ire on Nielsen.

“The Border Patrol unable to do its job despite the president’s national emergency declaration and calling up the U.S. military to back up the Border Patrol,” Dobbs huffed. “DHS Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen is flailing and her department appears utterly paralyzed under ineffectual leadership.”

He continued: “So desperate that she’s trying to raise, it seems, a posse of DHS employee volunteers to help secure the border, and the Border Patrol responding to the border crisis by releasing illegal immigrants on to American streets. Are they also dumping deadly drugs at the same time?”
"The president needs to fire her,” he shouted. “Because she is nothing but a roadblock on creativity, innovation, adaptiveness, and responding to the situation we have instead of the one that she apparently wants to dream about, I don’t know! She is absolutely overwhelmed!”

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45 got his Nielson marching orders from Lou Dobbs (Original Post) Tanuki Apr 2019 OP
what does he want? barbtries Apr 2019 #1
He wants open season like Jesus does. czarjak Apr 2019 #2
What? pazzyanne Apr 2019 #3
The self proclaimed "Great Christian" would shoot them all on sight... czarjak Apr 2019 #9
Wow. PatrickforO Apr 2019 #4
I remember that show JohnnyRingo Apr 2019 #5
I'm old enough to remember when Republican presidents didn't... JHB Apr 2019 #6
Christ almighty, all these RW fatheads do is piss & moan & seek scapegoats for their every failure. VOX Apr 2019 #7
Running the country by Tweet and FOX. Should tell you where we are heading. nt allgood33 Apr 2019 #8


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5. I remember that show
Mon Apr 8, 2019, 02:05 AM
Apr 2019

I saw the clip on Daily Beast, I think. He was adamant that Nielson must go. Lou Dobbs pulls a lot of weight with the other geezer in the Oval Office.


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6. I'm old enough to remember when Republican presidents didn't...
Mon Apr 8, 2019, 05:10 AM
Apr 2019

...openly have shadow cabinets of right-wing crank pundits.

And old enough to remember when "I'm old enough to remember..." lines weren't a daily punchline.


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7. Christ almighty, all these RW fatheads do is piss & moan & seek scapegoats for their every failure.
Mon Apr 8, 2019, 06:15 AM
Apr 2019

And it’s ALWAYS someone else who’s whizzing in the cornflakes. It’s Obama, it’s Hillary, it’s (gasp!) socialism, it’s the “Democrat Party” (sic), it’s “union thugs,” it’s the “communists” (a classic), it’s John McCain, it’s “government schools,” it’s Jeff Sessions’ recusal, it’s the CARAVANS of murderous barbarians headed this way, it’s the “liberal colleges that crank out more liberals,” it’s “death panels”....Any one of us could go on and name many more RW-paranoia-borne hobgoblins that they can never stop yapping about.

Think how MISERABLE it must be to have hitched your misery-wagon to 45’s dim star. Hate this, hate that, get all ginned up while listening to Rush and Hannity, just chugging down a steady stream of rage and being “informed” about how OTHER people (make them African American, for greater effect) are getting free stuff, all paid for by YOUR TAXES! Blah, blah...blah...

I do not underestimate the danger posed to our country by those who actually believe these whacked-out ideas. But their victimhood is second to none. Every day brings another wave of anger and fear to them. Snowflakes? They’re absolute slush.

It’s reached the point where Democrats are stuck in the roles of caretakers/civic minders for these folks when they do insane shit like start wars or elect Trump. Think of the heavy lifting done in these past two-plus years, just trying to hold the line, playing for time, (still) hoping that our democratic republic will survive this wild ride of lawlessness, corruption, and an authoritarian, white nationalist “government.” Thankfully, least some brakes were applied to this insane administration by re-taking the House.

Where does it go from here? Every day brings another crisis, gaffe, embarrassment, outrage, and always more worry about a free and fair election in 2020. So we continue to hold fast, and push back as hard as humanly possible. It’s all we can do, for now.

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