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Sun Mar 22, 2020, 10:41 AM Mar 2020

I got hit by a car when I was walking across the street about 10 years ago

I was in the crosswalk, they were turning left, and hit me at about 10 mph.

As I was walking, I could see the car turning left and coming toward me, I WAS ABSOLUTELY CERTAIN THAT IT WOULD STOP. I figured, they're going to wait at the crosswalk until I go past to get into the intersection while their light was green, since sometimes (rude) cars do that at rush hour.

I kept making this assumption until the last moment, when their front bumper was about an inch from my leg. At the very last, I finally realized, THEY'RE NOT GOING TO STOP!!!

Bam, I went over the hood, groceries flying. Didn't get hurt too badly, but got a limp for a few months (and a meager check from their insurance co).

Point is, when disaster strikes, IT'S OUT OF THE ORDINARY. You're not used to seeing it 'actually happen' to you. Your mind will want to 'explain away' what your eyes are showing you, so it can get back to what it was thinking about before.

This is what I'm seeing out there now. It's inconceivable that we will all be stuck at home for 18 months (through summer, then the ensuing 2nd wave outbreak next fall/winter). But we probably will. Believe it. Believe in math. This is happening.

Or you'll go right over the hood, too. Groceries flying everywhere.

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