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Sat Sep 26, 2020, 06:23 PM Sep 2020

Elizabeth Warren claims Trump is 'flirting with treason' and that Republicans are 'a party to it'

Stephen Proctor
Thu, September 24, 2020, 11:29 PM PDT


“When Donald Trump says that he is not necessarily going to accept the will of the voters, he’s flirting with treason,” Warren said in response. “He’s saying, peaceful transition of power doesn’t matter to him. All that matters to him, once again, is Donald Trump and whatever Donald Trump wants.”

Trump and Senate Republicans are making a hard push to fill the Supreme Court seat left vacant following the death of Ruth Bader Ginsberg, and Trump has spoken openly about his desire for the Supreme Court to decide the election. If his nominee is appointed, there will be a 6-3 conservative majority on the court. Trump has been spreading unfounded conspiracies about mail-in voting fraud, something that even his own hand-picked FBI director, Christopher Wray, has said is not happening on a national scale. Some believe Trump is doing this to sow doubt about the results of the election before a single vote is even tallied, giving him an excuse to take the election to the Supreme Court. Republican senators have recently joined Trump in prematurely talking about the Supreme Court deciding the election.

“These Republicans senators, to enable him in that, to support him in that, and to start to talk about the Nov. 3 election as if this isn’t about voters getting their choice, but it’s about Supreme Court justices getting their choice,” Warren said, “means that they are a party to it.”


“Lindsey Graham has simply said, ‘Donald Trump has my proxy on this. Senate doesn’t need to look at it. If the president’s good, Lindsey Graham is good.’ Man, there’s a man with a spine,” Warren quipped, “a spine kept in a box somewhere else, because he certainly doesn’t have it to exercise for himself.”...


We need to hear this everyday and have these sentiments echoed by mainstream editorials etc.

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Elizabeth Warren claims Trump is 'flirting with treason' and that Republicans are 'a party to it' (Original Post) andym Sep 2020 OP
Absolutely mzmolly Sep 2020 #1
"Lindsey Graham....Man, there's a man with a spine." blm Sep 2020 #2
A spine kept in a box somewhere else... LOL. NT. andym Sep 2020 #3
...and where is that box right now? I wonder... Russia? liberalla Sep 2020 #15
"Flirting"? trump got IMPEACHED Because of Treason. Cha Sep 2020 #4
"Flirting"? greatauntoftriplets Sep 2020 #5
+1 LuckyCharms Sep 2020 #11
I was going to say he was married to it, Mr.Bill Sep 2020 #13
sloppy seconds after mitch the bitch. ihas2stinkyfeet Sep 2020 #14
No kidding! calimary Sep 2020 #16
It has been open treason since day one, and Republicans are his eager accomplices dalton99a Sep 2020 #6
His only other choice is jail. WVreaper Sep 2020 #7
Flirting? He's grabbing treason by the p***y. tanyev Sep 2020 #8
Warren's great, but... Mike Nelson Sep 2020 #9
Referring to remarks about not accepting results. Not referring to Russia. blm Sep 2020 #10
Flirting? Both Trump and McConnell embrace it so long as it helps Republicans. n/t Yavin4 Sep 2020 #12
Our Voice marieo1 Sep 2020 #17
Sad. That actually implies that he hasn't got there yet.... not_the_one Sep 2020 #18
they have been in this mode for the last 3 years . AllaN01Bear Sep 2020 #19
Make it stick! bucolic_frolic Sep 2020 #20
What took so long speaknow Sep 2020 #21
That's an interesting one, abolish the Supreme Court bucolic_frolic Sep 2020 #22
And then expand the court to 13 or 15, shrink the terms from lifetime to 18 years. calimary Sep 2020 #23
Would require amending the Consititution andym Sep 2020 #24


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17. Our Voice
Sat Sep 26, 2020, 07:25 PM
Sep 2020

Elizabeth Warren, I hope and pray you keep fighting for all of us. Thieves and culprits have infiltrated the republican party. You are our voice, please keep fighting for us. Thank You for your voice..........we need you!!


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20. Make it stick!
Sat Sep 26, 2020, 07:52 PM
Sep 2020

Sen Warren has a way with words, she sees things that are on the edge of consciousness for the rest of us and then verbalizes them.


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21. What took so long
Sat Sep 26, 2020, 08:17 PM
Sep 2020

About time. When are the Dems going to go for
the throat? Try this one. If we take the Senate and
the WH, we can abolish the Supreme Court and
start a new. Or we'll pass new ACA and Roe v Wade.
Tell those boot lickers they are wasting there time, then
ask that POS has he called for the moving trucks yet?


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22. That's an interesting one, abolish the Supreme Court
Sat Sep 26, 2020, 09:17 PM
Sep 2020

Because, isn't that what they're doing? The Court is basically ignoring the Bill of Rights here and there.

There have been trial balloons about redoing a background check on Kavanaugh and comparing to his Senate testimony.

Why not embrace the McConnell Rule in January and recall the Barrett confirmation because the rule was misapplied? I mean we're going to have to be creative, see loopholes in the Constitution the way Mitch did. If Mitch can ignore nominations at his pleasure, why can't we blend timelines from one Congress to another? I mean everything's up for grabs now, isn't it?

And it wouldn't surprise me to see Thomas retire before Thanksgiving. They are that devious.


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24. Would require amending the Consititution
Sun Sep 27, 2020, 11:00 AM
Sep 2020

to abolish the SC, and I don't think anybody is seriously suggesting anything like that. Changing the number of justices however is possible. If the ACA and Roe v Wade are found unconstitutional they cannot easily be re-enshrined via legislation. Perhaps a better ACA that works differently can be passed as legislation (no mandate, but an explicit tax), but depending on how Roe v Wade is dismantled, it might not be possible to create constitutional legislation to reinstate abortion rights, only an amendment would be possible, or of course changing the composition of the court to subsequently overrule the Trump court decision.

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