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Tue Nov 24, 2020, 09:19 PM Nov 2020

The media...conservative, liberal alike...can help America by refusing to cover Trump

antics from this night forward. Indifference is the key to destruction of annoyance And right now, Trump and his cult are a huge annoyance. Don't cover them. Handle them out of the limelight. This will help heal the soul and spirit of the rest of us who want to battle and win the fight against COVID with intense effort and sanity.

If Trumper cult is too stupid to understand what is right before their eyes they will soon die out. Trump has led them to certain death, disability, or illness by telling them the Pandemic was fake, no big deal, or some kind of democratic conspiracy to hurt Trump. he scoffed at wearing masks and badgered business to open up and send kids back to school. All the while he and his family practiced son mitigation and scoffed at those who did. They knew they could and would get the best kind of treatment that is not even available to the rest of us...it wasn't even offered to Herman Cain. They are still privy to the best treatments behind the scenes so they can carry on their conspiracy quest to thwart the Biden administration and that threatens the lives of the rest of us. They only care about their own wealth and health and that of their wealthy buddies.

The entire rotten group of GOP Senators and Representatives who enable this nightmare ought to be incarcerated or removed from office by consent of the people either through recall or voting them out of office as soon as possible.

But the MEDIA really can control how quickly we can overcome this nightmare. I am hoping they forger the quest for ratings and indulge in some patriotic service for once.

The media...conservative, liberal alike...can help America by refusing to cover Trump (Original Post) Boogiemack Nov 2020 OP
Тяцмр is an idiot but he's ratings gold for the media. BlueTsunami2018 Nov 2020 #1
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