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Wed Nov 25, 2020, 12:14 PM

about those lawsuits I mentioned...

I just self-deleted a comment I made about actions by individual members of the military who don't think the current president is, in fact, legally holding the office.

I indicated that some people in the military had sued to have orders overturned during the Obama Administraton. They'd swallowed the birther line and didn't think Obama was qualified for office.

Turns out I was dealing with two lapses of memory.

First - I was remembering things that actually happened, but misremembered the details. A handful of people in the military did, indeed, go to federal court regarding their orders, but their efforts were intended more to force Obama to release his birth certificate than to have the orders themselves overturned. Some of these people subsequently disobeyed orders and were court-martialed.

One of them, Terry Lakin, later wrote a book all about his highfalutin' ideals - the ones that shared a Leavenworth cell with him. There are efforts afoot to have him pardoned by Trump.

Second - that I saw lots of news articles at the time led me to misremember the magnitude of the phenomenon. I never thought it was widespread, but I thought it was around a dozen or so. It was probably fewer than that.

All that said - I think things may be different this time around. The notion that Trump actually won is, arguably, more mainstream in the political right than birtherism ever was. (Which should scare the shit out of everyone, because way too many people bought into birtherism.). I do NOT expect a massive mutiny, but the number of servicemen and servicewomen who try to weasel out of responsibilities on the bullshit theory that Biden shouldn't be president may be more than a dozen.

So - apologies for the lapses of memory, but I still think we should keep our eyes on the news for this.

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