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Thu Dec 3, 2020, 08:07 PM Dec 2020

Actually, no one is "defunding" the police like the GOP. By not passing legislation to help cities

and other municipalities, the police will be defunded.

But I am really for reforming criminal laws, professionalizing police thru setting up academic degrees in policing and community service and paying them according to their training achievements, and requiring them to live within a 30 mile radius of the communities they police. Two strikes and they are out for good with a record that follows them from state to state so they can never be law enforcement officers again. Community monitoring of policing and internal investigation boards, publishing the names and badge numbers of police who are accused of unnecessary brutality, grand jury trials for all homicides involving police and other official law enforcement officers, more suspensions WITHOUT PAY.

Actually, no one is "defunding" the police like the GOP. By not passing legislation to help cities (Original Post) Boogiemack Dec 2020 OP
Good point. underpants Dec 2020 #1
the tactic is to inflict damage on blue states and blue cities, same with the COVID response where beachbumbob Dec 2020 #2
Been saying that since "Liberate Michigan " fearnobush Dec 2020 #5
When conservatives defund the police they call it fiscal responsibility and smaller gov't Thomas Hurt Dec 2020 #3
I've said this before on DU, but here goes again. A HERETIC I AM Dec 2020 #4
Worth the read. Thank you for the time and thought! Hermit-The-Prog Dec 2020 #6
Great ideas ProfessorPlum Dec 2020 #8
EXACTLY!!!! Blue_true Dec 2020 #7


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2. the tactic is to inflict damage on blue states and blue cities, same with the COVID response where
Thu Dec 3, 2020, 08:12 PM
Dec 2020

in early days, trump and Stephen Miller so the big hit of Covide being taken by blue states and blue cities. A purposeful policy to ignore the danger to kill americans in those place.

there are some real crimes here


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4. I've said this before on DU, but here goes again.
Thu Dec 3, 2020, 08:21 PM
Dec 2020

In the Securities Industry there exists what is known as a "U4" which is the "Uniform Application for Securities Industry Registration or Transfer". That form and the database into which the information is entered, follows a Stock Broker throughout his/her career, recording every single complaint against the broker and/or the firm that is filed by a client and must be updated with each complaint filed, and (this is critical) every time a broker is hired by another firm. The database is also, and this is the really important part, accessible and searchable by the public. FOR ANY WRONGDOING OF ANY KIND! As long as that wrongdoing is reported by the offended party. So if a broker blatantly rips off your Aunt Polly, (or even suggests or tries to steer her toward investing in something unsuitable for her - ed) and Polly doesn't say a word about it to Dewey, Cheatham and Howe, Securities Brokers, it doesn't go on the U4. Infractions need to be reported for the system to work, and for the most part, they are. This country needs something along those lines for cops.

If each and every oath taking police officer in the country also had something like a U4 that was publicly searchable, that followed him from department to department, that was updated on a weekly, monthly or as needed basis, it might just lead to more accountability. Something like a cop sleeping on the job, captured on film, or the reckless driving, or abuse, or violation of, or utter ignorance of civil or other rights, or .....you get the point - ALL of it can and should go on that cops "U4" or whatever it would be called. Provided any complaint is indeed legitimate.

We need this sort of thing in this country. The Securities industry learned long ago that trust in it's institutions and dealings was important, if not critical to their ongoing operation, and while they haven't always been successful in keeping that trust, for the most part the Brokerage industry is well regulated.

Of course, regulations and oversight are only as effective as the enforcing entity, whoever that should be. There is no way in hell a police department should be allowed to investigate itself for wrongdoing, and this is particularly evident the smaller the department.

The biggest threat to the safety of individuals when encountering police in otherwise innocuous situations seems to be simply not giving them the information they want you to give them, even though you are under no legal obligation to do it. The police in this country are simply out of control, and if you don't acquiesce to every demand for obedience, you are immediately suspect and ultimately subject to intimidation and threat of bodily harm in the very least, and arrest and incarceration at the most. Often for nothing more than "Contempt of Cop".

ALL police should be required immediately and without hesitation to VERBALLY answer the question "What is your Name and Badge Number?" and failure to do so should result in disciplinary action, up to and including loss of job. Once a citizen improperly questioned or harassed by a cop has attained that information, an immediate call to their supervisor with a complaint should instantly result in an entry on the officers U4 or equivalent. Fuck these assholes, and fuck them again. WE NEED A POLICE EQUIVALENT OF A U4 SYSTEM IN THIS COUNTRY!!

The police in this country are little more than an armed gang that has been allowed to set itself up to protect itself and therefore be above the law.

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