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Sat Feb 13, 2021, 05:30 PM

Democrats passed the civil rights act won the space race and tried to end the Vietnam war

For their efforts we got 8 years of Nixon and his corruption. Carter came along and was a basically decent human being. A good president but not great. We were then rewarded with 12 years of Reagan and Bush. Clinton comes along gets the economy humming and jobs came back in a big way. The stock market exploded. We then get 8 years of Bush and in your face corruption. Obama dug the US out of an economic tailspin that is still hard to fathom. Then we get the fascist racism of Trump. Now we have a ticket headed by some very sensible and reasonable people. Wonder who will replace them? Something worse.

Doing the right thing and passing good legislation DOES NOT win elections. Republican messaging is waaaayyy better. During this trial I was much more aware of what Lindsay Graham said and thought than I was of Schumer's thoughts. Republicans understand they are selling a product and they work very hard to market that product. Democrats think merely making a good product will win the hearts and minds of America. The voting populace needs to be marketed to. They need to be sold something. For decades every repuke on television and radio sells the republican ideology. Democrats just point out that repukes suck. Not much of a winning strategy based on history.

Don't try and tell me progress has been made. That's bullshit. Racism is as strong now as it was in the 50s. People have LESS money to spend b/c repukes believe in welfare for the rich and not for brown people. What do we have? Welfare for the rich and increasing poverty among minorities. Wages are down b/c repukes sold the message unions are bad and we can't get people to even agree that a measly $15/hr is not corruption.

I seriously doubt the house and senate will be held onto. I doubt Biden/Harris will be more than one term.

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