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Thu Jun 16, 2022, 10:15 AM Jun 2022

contest between democracy and fascism

A priori: the Republican is the party of dirty tricks, and "hardball".
For comparative scholars, it is obvious that the Republican Party in the United States is a fascist party.

The Democrats do not want to state the obvious. Money does not have a distaste for fascism. Perhaps, a plurality of votes wins elections. There is a segment of the population, whose support you will never receive; it is foolhardy, nay, it is stupid to consider and court them. Hillary Clinton was clear, and correct, about the deplorables.

e.g. Unfortunately, Ohio is a Republican controlled state, with a smallish majority of Repuke voters. Tim Ryan is running for US senator against JD Vance (or what ever alias he is currently using). Ryan is courting the deplorables in advertisements, noting where he has agreed with Trump, and speaking of the mistakes of Democrats (and those were when some Democrats went along with Republicans). He also, in another commercial smartly went after Vance with the words of Vance.

January 6th 2021 was the date of a failed putsch. Many Republican officeholders were part of it. Such membership is an act of treason. Other Repukes, who were not active in the sedition and treachery, are fine with it. A minuscule number are against it.

Republicans often, and easily, without hesitation or qualms smear Democrats with what Bill Barr would call "bullshit". Democrats ought to refer everywhere to the Republican Party as the the party of Fascism and Treason. To quote Albert Camus, "One leader, one people, signifies one master and millions of slaves.".

Before, the Democrats would refer to their party as "the Democracy". It was stupid to have stopped. In this country, we are engaged in a contest between democracy and fascism. This should be said frequently, and then again.
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