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Sat Jan 14, 2012, 09:13 PM Jan 2012

Glacier time-lapse images reveal 'epochal change'

"Nothing is quite as damning or convincing as photo evidence.


Your basic human perception of this stuff is that major epochal, geologic scale change happened a long time ago or will happen a long time in the future.

"[But] when we looked at these pictures, we realized — good God — we're right in the middle of epochal change happening right now. It's happening right in front of our cameras," recounts Balog, an American photographer, mountaineer and founder of the Extreme Ice Survey (EIS).

The survey documents the shrinking and retreat of Earth's glaciers using cameras placed in strategic positions near the outflow of the giant ice sheets. Cameras are left in place for months at a time and take one to two pictures an hour. The end result are short films documenting the death of glaciers."



There is a fascinating time-lapse video clip in the article.

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12. Crops are failing NOW.
Sun Jan 15, 2012, 03:41 PM
Jan 2012

Evidence: The historic Drought/Heat Wave in the Central States 2011
(not seen since the Dust Bowl, and worse than Dust Bowl in some areas)

Wheat, Grain, Hay, & Cattle are the primary Food Crops grown in this region.

I live in West Central Arkansas (Ouachita Mountains)
Due to the Heat & Drought, there was NO 2nd Hay harvest in July this year,
and it was worse to our west (Texas/Oklahoma).
As a result, prices for hay (necessary to feed cattle in Winter) has more than doubled.
Many Cattle farmers sold off a good part of their herds in the Fall.

We depend on produce from our Veggie Garden.
We did OK, but some crops like tomatoes will not produce fruit when day time temps exceed 90 in the Spring.
We harvested very few tomatoes, but we consider ourselves lucky.
We have a wonderful spring that allowed us to irrigate our other crops.
Many in this area are not so lucky.
Their wells went dry, and they got NOTHING from their gardens.
Our local RVFD was using tanker trucks to help provide water for cattle in our area last Summer.
This is NOT good.

We are praying that last year was an anomaly,
but forecasts predict another bad year.
We ARE doing things to minimize the damages.
My point is It is here NOW.
Crops ARE failing.

Ogallala Aquifer

"The Ogallala Aquifer, whose total water storage is about equal to that of Lake Huron in the Midwest, is the single most important source of water in the High Plains region, providing nearly all the water for residential, industrial, and agricultural use. Because of widespread irrigation, farming accounts for 94 percent of the groundwater use. Irrigated agriculture forms the base of the regional economy. It supports nearly one-fifth of the wheat, corn, cotton, and cattle produced in the United States. Crops provide grains and hay for confined feeding of cattle and hogs and for dairies."

This aquifer dropped a frightening 5 FEET last Summer.
No Rain = No Aquifer



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4. As if there was ANY point in time in which the Earth wasn't "right in the middle of epochal change"
Sun Jan 15, 2012, 12:22 PM
Jan 2012


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8. I did too...
Sun Jan 15, 2012, 12:40 PM
Jan 2012

It gives his perspective on the glacier decline more depth, imo, because he was not expecting to find what he did re the time-lapse cameras, etc.


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17. you can't deny the photos
Sun Jan 15, 2012, 04:18 PM
Jan 2012

its very scary

The World HAS to change because if it doesn't the Earth will change it

and she doesn't care how much money you have ....or what you look like
or what is your bloodline or what your religion is

She is a equal opportunity kinda gal

Our children are not going to look on us with favor


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18. I agree...
Sun Jan 15, 2012, 04:30 PM
Jan 2012

I found the time-lapse video clip really hit home more than simply reading text or seeing still photos.

"Our children (and grandchildren) are not going to look on us with favor", very true.


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9. For proof, there's nothing like seeing something with one's own eyes.
Sun Jan 15, 2012, 01:05 PM
Jan 2012

Things keep going and Iceland will be Greenland will be Florida...


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11. But by all means don't let this stop you from driving an SUV
Sun Jan 15, 2012, 02:14 PM
Jan 2012

or investing in Wall St or flying for unnecessary reasons or consuming as much as possible. It's not like it would make a difference anyway so the best thing is not to try.



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14. We will have to cope with what we have done to the world.
Sun Jan 15, 2012, 03:44 PM
Jan 2012

And the blowhards who deny 'climate change' is real and affected by me and you will have to stand down as the Earth forms into it's next state of existence.



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15. Environmentalism is a loosing cause; the economy and social issues are the only things that matter
Sun Jan 15, 2012, 03:46 PM
Jan 2012


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16. Calling attention to it is never a losing cause, imo
Sun Jan 15, 2012, 03:50 PM
Jan 2012

At some point, more and more will realize the importance of it and how it affects the economy and social issues. Clarion calls are rarely listened to in the beginning, that doesn't mean one should cease the calls.

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