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Tue Jan 17, 2023, 08:17 AM Jan 2023

I can happily say, Trump can't keep his big stupid mouth shut.

Trumps lawyers must spend a lot of time pulling their hair out, telling him to keep his mouth shut about the investigations. Trump doesn't listen. What an idiot.

I believe Trump still thinks he is still protected because he was president. Executive privilege. Big mistake.

Trump has been talking about his rape trial, the secret document investigation. Every thing he says can and will be used against him.

Keep on talking Trump, keep on digging you no good rotten fucking traitor.

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I can happily say, Trump can't keep his big stupid mouth shut. (Original Post) fightforfreedom Jan 2023 OP
Just like the guy who owns our house. OldBaldy1701E Jan 2023 #1
Just like he's always done. Kablooie Jan 2023 #2
fff is talking about the E. Jean Carroll defamation law suit. gab13by13 Jan 2023 #4
I think he could lose some civil suits. Kablooie Jan 2023 #5
He won't slip away from Roberta Kaplan, gab13by13 Jan 2023 #12
Yes, even before he became president PatSeg Jan 2023 #6
He has never faced charges like this before. fightforfreedom Jan 2023 #7
I'm listening, and I agree. ShazzieB Jan 2023 #9
Me too. Ligyron Jan 2023 #22
Thank you, I have been saying the same thing for a long time. fightforfreedom Jan 2023 #23
Define past? gab13by13 Jan 2023 #13
on your points 1 and 2.. agingdem Jan 2023 #15
When Barr was AG gab13by13 Jan 2023 #17
Barr closed the Muller investigation. fightforfreedom Jan 2023 #20
Garland was not about to clean up Barr's mess.. agingdem Jan 2023 #21
This! ShazzieB Jan 2023 #30
Why shouldn't he Maine Abu El Banat Jan 2023 #3
I know most the media sucks but... BradBo Jan 2023 #8
Everything he says makes it harder to secure a truly impartial jury SledDriver Jan 2023 #10
I guarantee that Trump is going down hard, gab13by13 Jan 2023 #14
....... marmar Jan 2023 #11
The last five words there are really meaningful! AllyCat Jan 2023 #16
Every day I look forward to the day KS Toronado Jan 2023 #18
TFG is a horrible client LetMyPeopleVote Jan 2023 #19
TFG has the right to remain silent, but not the ability. Midnight Writer Jan 2023 #24
You still think you're the president, don't you? Brother Buzz Jan 2023 #25
He only listens to the voices in his spud for his head MagickMuffin Jan 2023 #26
This message was self-deleted by its author MagickMuffin Jan 2023 #27
I'll be the cynical one.... Happy Hoosier Jan 2023 #28
It's a 24/7 stream of non-stop sewage Blue Owl Jan 2023 #29


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1. Just like the guy who owns our house.
Tue Jan 17, 2023, 08:42 AM
Jan 2023

I am able to keep abreast of his stupidity and childish machinations because he has the same problem. He cannot stop talking. I hate going anywhere with him because, if we find ourselves in a que, he will just start talking to anyone who dares to make eye contact with him. I have seen people looking around with exasperated looks on their faces because they are stuck in a line and cannot get away from him. (I usually pretend I am not with him if we are in a que for anything. Or when we are walking in a crowd. I can be gregarious but I also know when to turn it on and off. He cannot, it seems.)


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2. Just like he's always done.
Tue Jan 17, 2023, 08:59 AM
Jan 2023

And he’s still free as a bird.
His big mouth has never sent him to jail before so I see no reason why it would do so now.
Sorry, but I believe he will still get off no matter how it looks.


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4. fff is talking about the E. Jean Carroll defamation law suit.
Tue Jan 17, 2023, 09:21 AM
Jan 2023

E. Jean has a fantastic lawyer, Roberta Kaplan who has doggedly stuck with this lawsuit for over 3 1/2 years. The trial is set for this April so, yes, it is happening, and yes, Trump incriminated himself and since this is a civil trial Trump is going to pay a huge sum of money.

E. Jean also is suing Trump for sexual assault and Kaplan is the attorney, so I trust her to do the same with the criminal lawsuit.

As far as holding Trump accountable at the federal level, I don't believe that Garland has made up his mind yet about whether it is proper to indict a former president. His hiring Jack Smith makes it more likely but look what Alvin Bragg did.


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5. I think he could lose some civil suits.
Tue Jan 17, 2023, 09:27 AM
Jan 2023

He will have to pay out some money but he’s also expert at dodging that but probably not 100%.
But he’s always allowed to slip out of criminal cases and I don’t see that changing.


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12. He won't slip away from Roberta Kaplan,
Tue Jan 17, 2023, 10:11 AM
Jan 2023

I also have faith in Fani Willis. She didn't wait around to go after Trump. Her case is solid but not a slam dunk, but at least we know that she isn't afraid to indict a former president.


(48,464 posts)
6. Yes, even before he became president
Tue Jan 17, 2023, 09:33 AM
Jan 2023

Trump had a way of evading accountability for decades.

However, I don't think that will be true this time. His dumb luck has finally run out.



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7. He has never faced charges like this before.
Tue Jan 17, 2023, 09:35 AM
Jan 2023

I keep on telling people, the past does not matter in these investigations, people won't listen.


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22. Me too.
Tue Jan 17, 2023, 11:35 AM
Jan 2023

Most of Trump's legal issues before becoming President were just small time civil and NY related stuff. When he decided he just had to be a big shot and stepped into the national limelight, it's a whole other story now and he doesn't know how to play.

While President, many in the GOP ran interference for him and practically all levers of the gov were under their or his control. He couldn't be prosecuted or even seriously investigated while President so he's only really been fair game for 2 years now.

He also thinks he'll get away with everything because he always has and so he keeps shooting his big mouth off non stop and committing even more crime. He lives in Fox bubble world and thinks the people who support him are in the majority. They are not and he's gradually losing even their support. The GOP is a MAGA mess now but the PTB want him gone I think.

Something will break this year for sure.



(4,913 posts)
23. Thank you, I have been saying the same thing for a long time.
Tue Jan 17, 2023, 11:50 AM
Jan 2023

Trump was a small time crook most of his life surrounded by am Army of lawyers. He has always been an idiot. Then he became president and learned, was most likely told, as president you cannot be indicted. The only reason he was not convicted in his impeachment trial was because the Republicans in the Senate violated their oath of office in order to protect themselves from Trumps base.. That didn't work out well for them.

On Jan 6th Trump joined the major leagues when it comes to crimes. He lost the protection of the presidency and now he is facing some of the most serious crimes a person can face. When it comes to Trump the past is irrelevant.


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13. Define past?
Tue Jan 17, 2023, 10:18 AM
Jan 2023

1. Garland chose not to indict "individual one" for campaign finance crimes which sent Michael Cohen to prison.
2. Garland chose not to indict Trump for the dozen obstruction of justice crimes that Mueller teed up.
3. After 2 years of investigating trump for tax fraud and other money crimes the 2 lead prosecutors resign in protest after Alvin Bragg refuses to indict.
4. Trump.org is found guilty of tax fraud and is fined over a million dollars, the trial showed numerous examples of trump's tax fraud such as claiming a 700 million dollar deduction with flimsy paperwork to back it up. To this day former prosecutors are baffled as to why the IRS has not gone after Trump.

Need more examples?


(22,102 posts)
17. When Barr was AG
Tue Jan 17, 2023, 11:03 AM
Jan 2023

Mueller never wanted to bring those charges because of the DOJ memo of not indicting a sitting president. He was afraid the Supreme Court would codify that.

When Garland took over those Trump crimes were still sitting there all teed up for Garland.



(4,913 posts)
20. Barr closed the Muller investigation.
Tue Jan 17, 2023, 11:32 AM
Jan 2023

This has been explained many times. If Garland tried to reopen it it would have not gone well. Barr also sabotaged the New York investigation. When Garland was hired J6 had happened. Garland was busy, Don't ya think? Expecting Garland to open investigations that Barr had closed as AG would have taken a lot of resources and most likely failed.


(7,955 posts)
21. Garland was not about to clean up Barr's mess..
Tue Jan 17, 2023, 11:32 AM
Jan 2023

the AG picks his battles to fight and win...the Mueller Report pales in comparison to January 6..


(17,018 posts)
30. This!
Tue Jan 17, 2023, 06:41 PM
Jan 2023

I'm actually astonished that anyone would expect Garland to reopen that Mueller mess. The way it turned out was a travesty, but it was already water under the bridge when Garland took office as AG. Chump should never have gotten away with that stuff, but it's too late now.

And as you say, January 6 and the Orange Hellbeast's attempts to overturn the 2020 election TOWER over the earlier stuff, and Garland obviously has to focus on that.

The ironic thing is, if Chump had just gone along with the election results and quietly left the White House in January 2021, he could have saved himself and a lot of other people a TON of trouble. But instead, he committed crimes of a magnitude no other US president has ever dreamed of, just because his malignant narcissism wouldn't let him accept being a "loser." He made some terrible choices that are getting ready to bite him in the ass good and and HARD, and I hope it hurts like hell.

The mess he's in now is completely unlike anything he's ever faced before, and of a magnitude that can't be overstated. Anyone who thinks Jack Smith is going to shrug his shoulders and let Chump skate is, I believe, deeply mistaken. Chump made some terrible choices durng his last months in office that are getting ready to bite him in the ass good and and HARD, and I hope it hurts like hell.

Maine Abu El Banat

(3,479 posts)
3. Why shouldn't he
Tue Jan 17, 2023, 09:17 AM
Jan 2023

There are no consequences for his actions. He can run that sewer every day and break every law imaginable. And our AG makes sure Biden is investigated! Trump will be a free man and a raving asshole till he takes his last breath. Then Don Jr. will step in.


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8. I know most the media sucks but...
Tue Jan 17, 2023, 10:02 AM
Jan 2023

… I can’t believe more isn’t being said about what he told Carrolls lawyers in a deposition about her enjoying him raping her.


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14. I guarantee that Trump is going down hard,
Tue Jan 17, 2023, 10:22 AM
Jan 2023

in the defamation lawsuit. Everything he says will be admissable in court.

KS Toronado

(17,913 posts)
18. Every day I look forward to the day
Tue Jan 17, 2023, 11:05 AM
Jan 2023

that I will see tfg sitting in a witness chair on live TV being broadcast on all the major networks. He'll
carry on acting like the entitled spoiled 4 year old brat he is, and with this case being about rape I
hope it turns off all the R women.

Of course tfg will fight to have it behind closed doors with no media present. But one of these days
some Judge is going to tell him to sit down and shut up, he's not running this show the Judge is.

When that day comes I'll have my popcorn ready


(16,104 posts)
26. He only listens to the voices in his spud for his head
Tue Jan 17, 2023, 03:06 PM
Jan 2023

Didn’t listen to the advice of the White House council. Didn’t listen to anyone after the failed coup attempt.

It must be very noisy instead that spud!

Response to fightforfreedom (Original post)

Happy Hoosier

(7,632 posts)
28. I'll be the cynical one....
Tue Jan 17, 2023, 03:25 PM
Jan 2023

Trump believes his power and wealth protects him from any real consequences.

And given the pathetic sentence against his companies for their massive frauds, he may be right.

We'll see. I hope I am wrong.

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