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Wed Mar 1, 2023, 12:25 PM Mar 2023

Republicans keep forgetting who the U.S. president was in 2020


For much of Joe Biden’s presidency, a variety of Republicans have pointed to fentanyl seizures at the U.S./Mexico border as proof of lax security measures. That’s never made any sense — the claims are inherently self-defeating — but an amazing number of GOP officials have spent the last couple of years pushing the line.

This came up again yesterday during a House Homeland Security Committee hearing, when Republican Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene pointed to the Biden administration successfully seizing fentanyl before it reaches American soil as evidence of the Biden administration failing to stop fentanyl before it reaches American soil.

That was, to be sure, quite weird, but it wasn’t the Georgia congresswoman’s only misstep. Greene also published this missive to Twitter:

“Listen to this mother, who lost two children to fentanyl poisoning, tell the truth about both of her son’s murders because of the Biden administrations [sic] refusal to secure our border and stop the Cartel’s [sic] from murdering Americans everyday [sic] by Chinese fentanyl.”
The tweet came with a video of Rebecca Kiessling, a Michigan woman who told lawmakers about losing two sons to accidental fentanyl overdoses.

But while Greene saw Kiessling’s tragic story as proof of the Biden administration’s policies, there was a fairly obvious problem with this attempt at blame: Kiessling’s sons died in 2020, when Biden was a private citizen.

And while I don’t imagine anyone was especially surprised to see that the right-wing Georgian hadn't done her homework, it was part of a curious recent pattern in GOP politics: Republicans keep forgetting who was president in 2020.


Republicans keep forgetting who the U.S. president was in 2020 (Original Post) Nevilledog Mar 2023 OP
They haven't forgotten. tanyev Mar 2023 #1
They are fascists. Fascists lie . A LOT they know what they are doing mucifer Mar 2023 #2
MTG... If you republicans would quit smuggling fentanyl. keithbvadu2 Mar 2023 #3


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1. They haven't forgotten.
Wed Mar 1, 2023, 12:29 PM
Mar 2023

They just know their supporters won’t question their lies. And even very few media.


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3. MTG... If you republicans would quit smuggling fentanyl.
Wed Mar 1, 2023, 02:41 PM
Mar 2023

If you republicans would quit smuggling fentanyl.


Charlottesville Tiki Torcher Killed Himself Before Drug Smuggling Trial $215 for smuggling fentanyl.

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