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Fri Mar 1, 2024, 04:19 PM Mar 1

The DA finally said something that has been in the back of my mind, the whole time about the Fani Willis case.

That the rights of the defendant were not affected by the relationship of Willis and Wade. That’s what I think the Trump lawyers have been trying to hint, but there’s really been no proof of that. And on that basis, they should throw this thing out quickly.

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1. The guy representing the DA office speaking now
Fri Mar 1, 2024, 04:21 PM
Mar 1

does not seem to be a dynamic speaker, but he is calm and factual, which may appeal to this judge.


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4. He has the facts. And is backing it up with sources available to the judge too.
Fri Mar 1, 2024, 04:29 PM
Mar 1

He is providing good reasoning as to why the disqualification should be denied. Using past cases and law.


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3. Trump lawyers' specialty..
Fri Mar 1, 2024, 04:25 PM
Mar 1

Launch excrement toward the barricade and ascertain what adheres.

I think that's the legal terminology.


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5. That's what has me scratching my head.
Fri Mar 1, 2024, 04:56 PM
Mar 1

If Willis had a relationship with one of TSF’s team, sure, that’s a conflict of interest. Someone on her own team? Nope.


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6. The lawyers are doing the same thing
Fri Mar 1, 2024, 05:27 PM
Mar 1

they do in Rape Defense trials.....Put the person raped on trial.........


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15. Recently,
Sat Mar 2, 2024, 12:18 AM
Mar 2

the most despicable ones were the Supreme Court Justice.....Mr. "I Like Beer".............and the A-HOLE who nominated him........

If someone raped my wife, daughter or grand daughter they would't EVER make it to trial. Most men i know feel that way.......


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7. You never know how much political pressure and/or threats against a family
Fri Mar 1, 2024, 05:43 PM
Mar 1

can affect a judge's decision. It's not quite in the bag, not yet.

It might be a gross miscarriage of justice. It might not. I think we're all hoping for the latter, DA Willis has been brilliant. This has been nothing but an exercise in slut shaming, a desperate attempt by a guilty client to get a less competent prosecutor in his case.

As for the little weasel, I'm sure some right wing organization in search of another yes man will hire him.


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11. McGee was clearly looking for any excuse to help Trump
Fri Mar 1, 2024, 06:52 PM
Mar 1

He might not have found a way to do it but it’s obvious he wanted to


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12. We will find out who Judge McAfee is.
Fri Mar 1, 2024, 06:56 PM
Mar 1

Fani had a short term relationship with a co-worker/equal that did not interfere with their job.

In fact they were doing just fine until the dump team came in to crap on the court, and McAfee has to now clean it up, or the smell WILL be memorialized in the history books next to his name.

Delay delay delay...


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14. If Fani Willis was white, this would be a big nothingburger. It really is anyway.
Fri Mar 1, 2024, 07:13 PM
Mar 1

However, she's black and they can't stand that an intelligent black woman is about to take down an old white guy.

That just won't fly in the South. She should umm... "know her place" according to those turds.

Notice how they are going batshit crazy about losing (easily I might add) to a black woman in Letitia James in New York. They are also going after Alvin Bragg.

Hmmm.... what do Alvin Bragg, Letitia James, and Fani Willis have in common?

Can't really put my finger on it.

What would "color" their actions so?


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17. If trump were black this would be a nothingburger
Sat Mar 2, 2024, 10:30 AM
Mar 2

And the case would proceed. Nothing would stop it.

What we're seeing in Georgia and across the country is the institutional bias that protects "rich" white republican men from facing the consequences of their actions. Anyone else would be in prison by now.

Even if DA Willis were white, we would continue to see endless delays and bullshit motions because the defendant involved is a rich white republican man.

It looks like New York may be the one and only state in the country where a rich white republican man doesn't get a pass, at least not after his crimes are exposed. Obviously, tRump ran his criminal operations in NY for decades prior to being exposed and finally held accountable.

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