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Thu Feb 28, 2013, 12:36 PM Feb 2013

Remember the Cosby Show with Theo and the Monopoly Money?

Maybe what these silly republicans need is someone do what Dr. Cosby did to his son Theo. Hand them what you bring home on minimum wage and then start taking out basic living, rent, food, healthcare, gas, utilities. My guess is they would run out of cash at food.

These folks never lived on minimum wage so they don't get it. I don't anymore, but I see people who do and see how they struggle. Hell good sense tells you you can't live on that. Do these guys even go to the grocery store or the drug store? Do they know how much rent is?

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Remember the Cosby Show with Theo and the Monopoly Money? (Original Post) redstatebluegirl Feb 2013 OP
Then Republicans can have their Capt. Obvious Feb 2013 #1
They had their budget made by her as well redstatebluegirl Feb 2013 #2
I remember that episode--very good. niyad Feb 2013 #3
The very first episode. Brigid Feb 2013 #4
I have another idea... Kalidurga Feb 2013 #5
They need to be PAID minimum wage ProfessionalLeftist Feb 2013 #6
This would work felix_numinous Feb 2013 #7
So long as they connect the word "entitlement" with food gollygee Feb 2013 #8
I did something similar with my middle son who thought we were "rich". SoCalDem Feb 2013 #9


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5. I have another idea...
Thu Feb 28, 2013, 01:12 PM
Feb 2013

Take over half of it and tell them this is "defense" spending...this is payments to federal employees such as congress people...this is infrastructure...oh see that teeny tiny 1 dollar you have left that is for people who can't find a job.


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6. They need to be PAID minimum wage
Thu Feb 28, 2013, 01:36 PM
Feb 2013

and forced to "live" on it for a year. That would give them a nice little reality check. They need to be forced to eat their own effing dog (cat) food.


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7. This would work
Thu Feb 28, 2013, 03:13 PM
Feb 2013

if the system was not sociopathic. I think we on the left would rather think that the powers that be just need to be schooled and this is not the case, IMHO. They KNOW what they are doing, they are dealing us out, as powerful people have done since the beginning of time.

The reason for this is fear--by NOT dealing directly with overpopulation, climate change--these people are allowing their reptilian brains to guide them to hoard, make war, and block others from resources. Instead of taking the alternative path of sharing resources and building a sustainable future.

They have changed the game of Monopoly so that no one can ever get enough money to buy any real estate or have a savings. We keep thinking we can play this game but we have to stop playing and get out another board and start our own game. It's called a social contract---and make them play OUR GAME.

Nice memory and a great allegory for these times.


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8. So long as they connect the word "entitlement" with food
Thu Feb 28, 2013, 03:15 PM
Feb 2013

they won't get it. They think it's wrong for people to feel entitled to not starve to death.


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9. I did something similar with my middle son who thought we were "rich".
Thu Feb 28, 2013, 03:18 PM
Feb 2013

I put him in charge of paying the bills and shopping for a month.. He was around 10 I think..

He was shocked to see how far our money did NOT go.. when we had to pay for "stupid stuff" like gasoline, mortgage, electricity, and food.

He thought that we always had lots of money for stuff he and his brothers wanted, and we were being mean when we said no.

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